Wallet installation BRS 2.5.3/ Linux / with maria database / manual installation / BRS Wallet update

  • What to do ? (most explanation from mac tutorial but its working with linux too)

    Downloading core Wallet zip from the Burst App Team

    Actually the newest stable Version is BRS 2.5.3

    Type: sha256sum burstcoin-2.5.5.zip in the terminal (from the download folder) to run sha256 check for security reasons and check if the sha256 is the same like on your output

    Zip SHA-256: ee8bde45e3c10750ef62572cf347bcfde499950b7528eced3677177e47c779ae

    Please make sure you are running Java 8 or higher

    Creating an database. The program for this database you are using is maria:

    2.1 Search for maria in the software repository and install maria

    2.2 go to the terminal and type "sudo su" and press enter then you are on with root rights

    Type the following, one line at a time, pressing enter step by step.

    2.3 mysql -u root -p -h localhost
    (The default password for MariaDB is blank. If it asks you for a password, simple press enter)

    2.4 CREATE USER 'burstwallet'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
    (Replace password by your own password)

    2.5 GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON burstwallet.* TO 'burstwallet'@'localhost';

    2.6 CREATE DATABASE burstwallet;

    2.7 Press ctr + c to exit

    Got to your download folder and unzip burstcoin-2.5.3.zip

    3.1 go to the burstcoin-2.5.3 folder and then open the conf folder

    3.2 open brs-default.properties

    3.3. search for:

    Database connection JDBC url
    Append ;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE to enable automatic mixed mode access.
    DB.Username= here type burstwallet, burstwallet is your username
    DB.Password= here type your password you set in 2.4

    Don't forget to activate BRS for using maria db in the brs-default.properties. You have to delete # in front of the lines mentioned in 3.3. (and you have to set # in front of the lines for H2, after fresh install maria db is not activated).

    It should look like this in your config:

    connection JDBC url

    Append ;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE to enable automatic mixed mode access.

    DB.Username= burstwallet
    DB.Password= typer here your password set in 2.4

    We are using file based as default


    save your changes.

    Start BRS 2.5.3 Wallet

    4.1 go to the burstcoin-2.5.3 folder (and open the terminal)

    4.2 type : chmod +x burst.sh (then the burst.sh is executable)

    4.3 type: ./burst.sh

    4.4. The Wallet is starting with maria.db database
    (blockchain is saved in /var/lib/mysql/burstwallet, the burstwallet is the database you created in 2.)

    4.5 type in your browser and start the wallet interface

    Conclusion: You create a maria database called burstwallet and you created a maria user called burstwallet and set a password for your database. Then you set your username and password in the brs-defaults.properties file in the conf folder from your burstcoin-2.5.3 folder and then your started your wallet.