CPUs - which one?

  • helloo,

    i'm running intel i3 kaby at the moment. what do you guys recommend an why?

  • depends on your motherboard but typically the highest amount of cores and gigahertz your salary can afford. More cores more disks read at same time. more gigahertz the faster plots read. your motherboards specifications on its website will show you its maximum you can get another cpu from ebay.

  • ok thanks. the mobo is fairly new. it a mobo i have been using for GPU mining. 1151 socket. b250 Fintec

    might see if i can afford an i7 or something

  • Amd ryzen processor might be worth a look. Depending on how high you want to go and your budget, they offer similar (or better) bang for your buck performance coupled with a half decent mobo and ram

  • @zac123 said in CPUs - which one?:

    b250 Fintec

    yes it does support intel i7 and I recommend that than another motherboard / gpu to be savvy and they're much cheaper on ebay

    gigabyte last forever b250

    if you get the 7th generation core I7 your memory can run in XMP mode which makes both mining and plotting more efficient plus everything else really gets responsive.