How annoying!

  • havent checked the miner for a few days but i just signed in and discovered blago had stopped. looks like microsoft AV stopped it for some reason. i have now disabled AV and its working.

    just a bit annoyed cus i've lost a few days worth of mining

  • @zac123 mine stops every Sunday when the weekly malware scan kicks in. I just allow it on defender and restart the miner. Slightly annoying, but I find it better than the constant "you are not protected" reminders which really censored me off 😀

  • Especially with Windows, I find setting an exception folder for scans is most useful. Then, put all your mining software there, and future scans will simply skip that directory.

    I too got tired of weekly miner restarts due to default-scheduled AV scans. 😎

  • BlagoMiner stopping is getting worse. Windows is really stepping up some behind the scene activity. Blocking it when you have fixed it and always around the end or beginning of the months.
    I also notice when Blago acts up it also is one of your drives as is the case now.

    Blago any help as some of us prefer your mining program and this would be for users who need to run the miner in windows. Most of my servers don't have gpu's worth mining with.

  • admin

    @burstde Exclude the directory the miner is in and no more problems.

  • @haitch said in How annoying!:

    lude the directory the miner is in and no more problems.

    yep this does appear to be the fix that works 🙂