POC shuffling active

  • hi everyone, can anyone tell me what POC shuffling active means?

    it lists it for all of my drives.


  • admin

    @zac123 It means that your plot files are in PoC1 format and the miner is doing on the fly conversion to PoC2 format for mining. If your mining time is low you can ignore the message, or use one of the conversion tool to convert them to PoC2 format.

  • ahh thanks. i read about the switch to POC2 but for some reason i decided all my plots were already POC2 ready.

    oh well, i'll have to look at converting them.

  • admin

    @zac123 The other possibility is that your plots ARE PoC2, but you've not set the "POC2StartBlock":502000 parameter in miner.conf - but that would mean the PoC2 files are being converted on the fly to PoC1, which will lead to lots of DL errors when submitting.