Creeminer not reciving confirmation

  • @zohtar Dunno, I don't use the Windows version. Does it work if you follow the instructions here?

  • @tinycoins I download:
    unpack it. Then there is an exe file and the folder with webfiles. Nothing happens when executing the exefile.

  • @zohtar I've just loaded up the Windows version and messed about with it to get it working.

    When you first run the .exe, it will create a mining.conf file in c:/Users/[You]/.creepMiner/1.17.19

    Either edit it there or copy it into the directory you're running creepminer from - the one in the active directory will then take priority.

    It won't start if it doesn't have details about your pool so put your pool web address into the "miningInfo" and "submission" properties.

    Put a username and password into the webserver properties if you want to use that; if not, set 'start' to false and just edit the file manually.

    If you do want to use the webserver, save your config file, start creepminer again and go to 'http://localhost:8080' (or whatever other port you've set it to run on in the config file).

    You can either edit your plot files and settings in the mining.conf file, or through the webserver once it's up and running.

  • @tinycoins said in Creeminer not reciving confirmation:


    hmm, the problem is, that it does not create anything. I saw the old installation and I now deleted it. No new will come even with admin launch. Its pretty wierd.

  • @zohtar Try this - copy and paste the following into a file, save it as 'mining.conf' in the folder your creepminer.exe file is in. If it starts then, the username and password are both '123' for the webserver. You can change them to whatever you want.

    "logging" : {
    "config" : "information",
    "general" : "information",
    "logfile" : true,
    "miner" : "information",
    "nonceSubmitter" : "information",
    "output" : {
    "dirDone" : true,
    "lastWinner" : true,
    "nonceConfirmed" : true,
    "nonceFound" : true,
    "nonceFoundTooHigh" : false,
    "nonceSent" : true,
    "plotDone" : false
    "outputType" : "terminal",
    "path" : "C:\Users\matth\.creepMiner\1.7.19\logs\",
    "plotReader" : "information",
    "plotVerifier" : "information",
    "progressBar" : {
    "fancy" : true,
    "steady" : true
    "server" : "fatal",
    "session" : "error",
    "socket" : "off",
    "useColors" : true,
    "wallet" : "fatal"
    "mining" : {
    "benchmark" : {
    "active" : false,
    "interval" : 60
    "bufferChunkCount" : 16,
    "cpuInstructionSet" : "AUTO",
    "getMiningInfoInterval" : 3,
    "gpuDevice" : 0,
    "gpuPlatform" : 0,
    "intensity" : 0,
    "maxBufferSizeMB" : 0,
    "maxPlotReaders" : 0,
    "passphrase" : {
    "algorithm" : "aes-256-cbc",
    "decrypted" : "",
    "deleteKey" : true,
    "encrypted" : "",
    "iterations" : 1000,
    "key" : "",
    "salt" : ""
    "plots" : [

        "poc2StartBlock" : 502000,
        "processorType" : "CPU",
        "rescanEveryBlock" : false,
        "submissionMaxRetry" : 10,
        "targetDeadline" : "00:00:00",
        "timeout" : 45,
        "urls" : {
            "miningInfo" : "",
            "submission" : "",
            "wallet" : ""
        "useInsecurePlotfiles" : false,
        "wakeUpTime" : 0,
        "walletRequestRetryWaitTime" : 3,
        "walletRequestTries" : 3
    "webserver" : {
        "activeConnections" : 32,
        "calculateEveryDeadline" : false,
        "connectionQueue" : 64,
        "credentials" : {
            "pass" : "::::fb364f9dba7171303f88f0071d387a53be6c9633",
            "user" : "::::61817c5ad287da153bf6c208763d44b24bf41828"
        "cumulatePlotsizes" : true,
        "forwardMinerNames" : true,
        "forwardUrls" : [
        "start" : true,
        "url" : ""


  • Ha, it's added part of it as a code block but you get the general idea.

  • Also you'll have to change the "path" section to match your actual username.

  • @tinycoins I found out why it was not working. In the conf file there was a path to a loggin destination. The path was incorrect and made the program crash. I created an cmd file that executed the creepMiner.exe and added "pause" to see for errors. This solved it for me. Thanks a ton tinycoins!

  • @tinycoins
    PoC1 -> PoC2 plot converters. What do you recommend?
    I have no GPU do to highend server specs

  • @zohtar I've got two processes going on at the moment - I'm using the pocc converter from here:

    in order to do in-place conversion on my (Ubuntu) mining PC. It's not massively quick but it does the job.

    I'm also replotting other plots on a Windows PC, using the latest version of Turboplotter from here:

    Bear in mind that turboplotter can restart if you have a power issue or crash, but poc1to2 can't - so if you have an issue, you'll have to replot anyway. This has only happened twice for me, both on slow-as-balls Seagate external USB drives.