Qbundle cant mining...

  • Hi all!

    I use Qbundle v2.0.2. and when i click to mining, they cant work.
    "Failed to start Blago miner. This is most likely because of antimalware software".

    what can i do?

  • That wallet isn't really a good idea you should upgrade to the latest qbundle because its compatible with network changes such as dymaxion which will be very soon and that's when your wallets version will no longer function I believe also it has he higher risk of being compromised being obsolete. We all pretty much have anti malware running one way or another. I use Microsoft. I turn off live cloud based protection that stops the wallet getting its throat cut as some terds just manually submit wallet code to make it look bad when it isn't. Latest wallet has new Blago miner that will still work after the fork. So to put it simply: uninstall your wallet install the latest one.