Burstcoin partnership with benefitwith.us (And link to orignial post on reddit)

  • Hi all my name is Peter Skrzyniarz.
    I'm Crowdfunding for the community so I feel like people should know who I am.

    Few weeks ago I went to an Expo in LA and met a few guys from blockchainbeach.us. They invited me to join their booth and they put me into a discussion penal to promote burstcoin.
    After the expo we started to talk about partnering their BNFT token (benefitwith.us app). Burstcoin will be added to their app. Burstcoin will be used to reward people for doing tasks. 1st task created will be for the user of the BNFT app to download a burstcoin wallet. Reward will be 3 burstcoin (like another faucet site but they have to download the wallet). You can find more info in the reddit post below.

    This crowdfund has been approved by the reddit, discord community and the devs. This will be first use case for the coin + BNFT marketing of their app will also benefit for burstcoin marketing.

    All the info you need is in the reddit post below.


    Crowdfund name - BurstcoinPartnershipWithBNFT

    Crowdfund address - BURST-GVBT-NQQG-4Q8J-ANXPP

    Thank you.

    We need to raise 50k burstcoin to fund a wallet that will be linked to the BNFT app. we are at 11.5k right now.
    Anything helps even if you can only send 10 burst. we have a week to do the crowdfund. I will send only 1k at first to BNFT to get their app going and test it. then 5k to see if they are growing and burst is being used. After that we will have a community meeting before we send the rest to make sure things are going ok. if the project doesn't go anywhere the funds will be used for the gorilla marketing team on discord to meet their needs at marketing.

    Lets grow Burstcoin!

    Thank you