[NEW] Burst Notification System

  • Dear members of Burstforum.net

    I have just released a brand new FREE system called "Burst Notification System"
    This system can monitor two things:

    • Burst adress for deposits

    • Burst adress for withdrawals

    • Burst adress for block forged

    • Assets buy orders

    • Assets sell orders

    • Assets trade orders

    • Assets price monitoring (over a price or below)

    All notifications will be send via e-mail. Each user have 200 email notification (might be more later on) ones all are used you can just send you email again and you will get a new login with 200 notifications.
    You can update and manage all you filters online via a web interface on you pc, tablet or phone.

    So, how do you signup? Well its easy !
    To use this interface you must send an encrypted message with burst with your e-mail to BURST-9EHG-PMEG-G45Y-4ABLX and the you will recive an e-mail with login details. Make sure ONLY to enter your e-mail in the message and also to encrypt it.

    alt text

    alt text

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    alt text

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