Monitor: Wallet sync

  • Dear members of

    I just coded som software the will monitor your wallet and notify you if it get out of sync via e-mail.

    3 things needed:

    You will be alerted if the last block is not the same in the 2 wallets.
    If you local wallet last block is older the 30 minutes.

    If you would like to test this with me, please send me a PM 🙂

  • @Zohtar , I stopped using the wallets a long time ago, they're the ones out of sync or just plain unreachable. In fact, I just clicked on the link above 5 minutes ago and the wait circle is still spinning.

    I run 8 local wallets. will your software allow me to input the 8 wallets and notify me if one or more goes awry?

  • @rds It sure will. you just need to provide a "master wallet" you want to compare with.

  • @Zohtar
    Sounds like a good monitor you have. However i would sugest you increese the time from 30min to about an hour. blocks probably will take longer then 30min more often then one might think. block 412542 ->412543 took just above 25min wich is pretty close to the margin.

  • @Quibus Its just a setting and can be defined as you wish.