New H's Assets.

  • @haitch I wanted to ask if transfer is 1:1 or old holders get some better deal? I have to say that 80 burst drop from starting price is quite disappointing, better than nothing but still disappointing.
    Also can we expect that situation like this won't happen again? I'd like to invest while price is still low but have to say I'm a bit afraid and wouldn't like my funds to be stolen by fat-ass again.

  • admin

    @Hyzi0 with the previous asset I had been contemplating doing a 2:1 reissue, then releasing new shares at 45. With the theft I have so few assets compared to a couple of days ago that I can't justify releasing shares at 45 let alone 90. My intention is to rebuild the asset back to where it was, and beyond. I can't do a 9:1 reissue, that would just dilute the asset and compromise expansion. I will however do a 2:1 reissue, so my initial investors will get double the shares in the new asset.

    The initial price for the new asset will be 10 Burst, to raise funds to expand the portfolio. It will increase as the fund grows.

  • @haitch I understand that 9:1 would be overkill especialy cause old shares were trading ~50 for a long time. 2:1 is way better and I wouldn't ask for more looking at current state of asset.
    And how about security of your asset? I also wonder how many other wallets are endangered if they got access into yours.

  • admin

    @Hyzi0 The asset wallet is a new 24 word passphrase. Per another thread, a 12 word passphrase would take longer than the planet has to live (circa 5 Billion years), a 24 word one will never be cracked. Simply, I screwed up somewhere and made my passphrase public, I just don't know where/how/when.

  • @haitch I know that bruteforce won't ever get through it (1626^24 tries is impossible even with 1000000 pc). But there was another way unless you put it somewhere public and I don't believe you would paste it somewhere by mistake :v.

  • admin

    @Hyzi0 It wasn't brute forced, ergo I screwed up somewhere.

  • Transferred 9.1700155 of the old asset for the swap from my burst address: BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG

    Transaction 2097417893136321407

    Very sorry to hear all of this! I hope you rebuild quickly 🙂

  • @haitch I am so sorry about this, I better go do this now..I logged into the asset exchange today and found the asset exchange almost dead and the prices in all assets crashing. I am sad I have lost so much money in this coin through the irresponsible actions of others. I am glad you are still standing, thank you.

  • @qibucks good to see ya logged in, i check in on ya by PM a while back

  • @falconCoin yeah i been busy my Son came over from England.. back to work will be checking all the pms when i get home from my Parents tomorrow night..Hope you are well..

  • i just bought some of whatever burst I have left. 🙂

  • Thank you @haitch ,
    I open my wallet and saw my new NewHassets.
    Awesome, that was very fast.
    I can wait for thing to get back on track.
    Have a great day and keep up the great work.
    Still really happy I held on to them!
    Thank you
    alt text

  • @haitch I transferred my paltry 10 shares of the old asset per instructions above and figured I'd buy 90 of the new ones 🙂
    my confidence is solid in you and burst. I picked up another 8tb hdd off Prime day.

  • @haitch hatched transferred shares too and havent received the new one ^_^ kindly check it thank you. just reminding

  • @haitch Transferring my old shares to BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S now my burst address is BURST-N3VU-ST8X-C4FG-2HMA6.

  • @haitch Also transferred my shares some time ago^^
    BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE - tx id - 1978209863546614708

  • @haitch did you do the asset swap yet?

  • admin

    @hah I'm doing them daily - there will be another one later today.

  • LMAO @haitch looks like some one is having fun with your asset, 0_1500092195896_LMAO.jpg and no they not all one wallet all different wallets each with 0.1 share

  • Div payout fee's are going to suck, time to build a script to exclude wallets for payout. but man some one seriously put some effort into that, thou the time stamp makes me think its a script of some sort. is it bad i find this hilarious