A quick question about the AE fee

  • So, if one puts up an order buy or sell on the AE the fee is 1 Burst.

    If the order is not filled and eg. next day the buy/sell order gets cancelled by the user there is another fee of 1 Burst.

    No Transaction has been taking place in term of selling/buying from one to another as the order was not filled.

    I understand that 2 Transactions have been put into the blockchain - one to put the buy order up lets say it - plus 1 to cancel that buy order.

    2 Transactions have been put into the blockchain and the amount of 2 Burst has been deducted from the one who put up his buy order and then cancel it.

    Might be completly wrong, but now my question is: who now has 2 Burst more in every of that case - as the one putting up the buy order, than canceling it obviously now has 2 less.

  • The miner confirming your order and removal. That's why you pay tx fees for everything. That's what we mine for and build the blockchain

  • ok.

    So the miner or owner who "owns" the block currently with which the buy/sell order was confirmed/approved gets the Transaction fees.

    Somehow I understood that will be only the case as soon as all coins have been mined.

    Misunderstood that and thx a lot for quick clarify.