@Crowetic : This one is for you

  • @crowetic want me to rename the burstcore git organisation?

  • @Lexicon Investors want the coin to do good , you guys are the core development team .
    Rock it !!!!

  • @arnav_r said in @Crowetic : This one is for you:

    @crowetic I will post a snapshot of why we got into such conversation , currently am away from my system.
    If i have to write it , its about the shame game goin on , you guys insulting them , they insulting you . . This endless cat fights, all this community and BN wants is "BURST" to do good. If you guys dont want to work together , DONT, but for now just stop these fights. He stole this , they stole that , he took the pool down n bla bla bla

    if you noticed, I haven't posted a single reply to any of their bullshit recently. Aside from getting my point heard in the first few days of the 'war', I have been silent as far as public posts.

    I did this to cease the nonsense. I don't want BURST to be about drama, in fact, I HATE drama, it's the other side that revels in it.

    IMO drama is not good for a coin, and I've never liked the fact that it was used as a marketing technique. I should have stood up sooner to this and that's what my apology post for bringing AG on board was about.

    If people don't forgive me, or don't realize why things happened the way they did, that's unfortunate, but won't stop me from continuing on now after the stuff has come to an end.

  • @Lexicon said in @Crowetic : This one is for you:

    @crowetic want me to rename the burstcore git organisation?

    I think burstcore is fine, but we can let others help make that decision.


  • @crowetic What is burstcore?

  • admin

    @crowetic Gits can be renamed. What you did is split the development as strongly as you can not even a month ago. https://pastebin.com/ptJRSK5H is a good read.

    @Lexicon @IceBurst @catbref I invited you to the present git of Burst Development every Exchange is following since around two years. It can be renamed. It has plenty of space for projects and development.

  • very out of place replying here but its the weekend and i have the time to waste

    i like the way "BurstCore" sounds better than "Git-Org"


  • @Lexicon said in @Crowetic : This one is for you:

    funny. considering hes the reason why the ninja pool wasnt working.

    if you want to know more
    where i document the start of this war

    Below is where he robs investors

    this is where he robs ninja (the miners)

    this is where he robs the developers

    and then he steals the mobile pool bonus fees if you look at the date he took the funds from the mobile pool as well as the one from the ninja pool you will the dates match quite closely

    because he stole thee mobile bonus fees and ninja pool we had to take both down and remove all his credentials from all servers.

    he then days later steals the mobile pool from my asset as well. whilst we were working on changing the wallets. to fix the compromise in security

    we caught him remoted into burst.ninja stealing the reward logs at around the time the funds were stolen (i have the logline to show this with his ip) and also trying to copy all of crowetics VM's

    "Every decision I have made was for the benefit of the coin" is a complete lie. they are only out for themselves. why else would they want to take down the biggest pool in burst. refuse to pay a developer ( @IceBurst ) who does most of the work on fixing issues with the current burstcore wallet

    adam lives with focus. because hes bankrupt he cant legally own any car and has to lease all his stuff. and also cant own an house. and hes known for ponzi scams

    below is a video where he ripps people off live on youtube

    he also a former neo nazi and assisted in killing a 36 year old man

    considering the above id say its safe to bet they aint in it for the coin, more like they want to line their own pockets.

    in hectors thread below

    on his conversation with focus focus says
    Focus - Today at 1:36 AM
    How is Donald Trump a president and still multi-billionaire having gone bankrupt 6 times?(edited)

    Donald Trump bankrupted a corporation 6 times. not a person its completely different.

    Folks. Please can you tell me what devs are working with AG now?

    To save Burst we need to ring fence everything right now. These rogue devs should not have access to anything. Change names, change access, change everything and get some triple lock security measures so if there are rogue devs in the future, they are easily locked out without trouble or the chance to steal like this Focus guy has done.

    We need to be vigilant and cleanse Burstcoin or it will not be trusted. Unfortunately people have been played by Guerbuez, who is a very manipulative con man and criminal.

  • Honestly to me it seems that the name is not the most important as I said when the separation has to leave some things clear.

    First it is necessary to make it very clear which is the official Core, if official where the official developers are, I do not see that in bitcoin there are 2 cores, or in doge etc, another thing is AIOs or derivatives, if there are 100 better than one.

    Then it is necessary to sell the official forum well, if the official where the official announcements of the official core are made and where in my opinion should be consulted more to the community and inform of the progress that is being made, if not the people Has the feeling that nothing is done. This does not mean that there are no more forums about burst, like there are 100, I do not think the community is wide enough for so many forums, but the announcements should be done first in one and then in the rest.

    To my modest way of seeing it does more damage to the coin to see 2 git with the same name as the drama

    https://github.com/BurstCore/Burst-Core-Wallet (nuevo nombre de Burstnation a BurstCore hace unos días) 

    But first of all remember is only my opinion, if I am right or not is another question

  • @Lexicon agreed we need build rep to make BURST great again. I turned my coin into a burst asset but won't list it here until i have plumped it up big with assets enough to be deemed worthy to post here and get Haitch to escrow the assets..I also have to build it because two devs stole our dev fund and my coins so am literally building it single handedly again..I won't give up on my old qbk bagholders, even after 3 years of running at a loss.., We need to keep going and keep growing..and never give into bullying or bad things.

  • I can confirm there is no fork in the pipeline, all the development discussions I have been a part of have discouraged forking. We had one valid reason for forking and that was to increase the maximum number of transactions in a block but we decided against it as there would be other issues that needed to be addressed should a fork happen. My announcement will include details related to the Core-Wallet.


    If you have questions about Dev goings on, ask a Dev.

  • As far as the answer to 'which devs are working with AG' - That answer is... none of them.

    The devs know my intentions throughout this thing, and it wasn't about ME, I'm out to keep the coin and assets therein strong.

    Anything anyone on the other side says, I am going to ignore from this point on.


    Anyone that wants to ask questions from focus or adam, can ask them to themselves, and find the answers by what they see happening in the future.

    I refuse to take part in their attempts to make more drama.