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  • @harrygon They do have ready made bots (Ping-Pong and Scalper) which requires zero knowledge from the end-user. But for the price paid for the bot, you won't get enough profit to cover the investment with these bots. The real money when you start making your own bots based on indicators.

  • @rnahlawi thx alot

  • @harrygon: you might also check
    I have however no experience with these cloud bots/strategies

  • I've never been a bot trader myself, but recently I've started using leonArdo.

    So far, I took a small hit on polo.. problems connecting and with order execution/cancellation make bots on polo very risky. I'm done with that until they fix the issues that have plagued them through every major pump this year.

    Bittrex, on the other hand, takes the bot very well, and I do make some small profit over there. I would likely make more if I were willing to risk more with the bot, but no... no bot can see the chart like a person can, and no bot can see the funny little moves that whales will make with buy/sell walls and know how to react to them being there or moving around the order books.

    I haven't tried on btc yet, but leonArdo supports OKcoin (CNY and intl), bitfinex, bitstamp, and btc-e. I will update with results from btc trading with this tool as soon as I have given it a try.

    The full license with all of the exchanges is 180$, and the 'basic' package with one exchange is about 80$... you can later add other exchanges to your license for 29 bucks each.

    THIS IS NOT ADVICE, I'm just sharing the experience I've had with this tool, so far. Be careful out there, wether you trade manually or with a bot. Don't forget the golden rule, NEVER risk more than you can afford to lose, and BTFD!

  • @whateverUsayman Agree .. Bots cannot replace human
    The idea behind a bot is to automate human logic (your logic) and to initiate trades while you're away.
    I use Bots for signals and arbitrage and very limited trading setup while I'm sleeping.
    Update: Speaking of signals, I got my hands on this tool which send you market signals to your Telegram account. Its free for now and will be on subscription bases in less than a week. Try it out 🙂

  • @rnahlawi I do pretty much the same thing. I place strict limits on the bot, based on my assessment of current conditions, and make sure to limit max amounts and max losses to whatever I feel would be the minimum required to continue trading while I'm not watching.

    Update: That looks pretty cool, they have a pretty good overall plan, it seems. I'll try to grab a few tokens when the sale starts and give the platform a good test-run. Thanks for sharing!

  • @SvenE I like the idea of being able to buy/sell a bot that you like or wrote yourself, but I am a bit apprehensive regarding the idea that they have my API keys on their servers, along with everyone else's. That raises a red flag for me, as it seems like a platform that would attract much attention from nasty hackers and whatnot. Then again, I might just be paranoid.

  • @whateverUsayman Telegram on Desktop:

  • @whateverUsayman : their website is stating these API's are only used to trade and the API cannot withdraw funds.
    I have not used their services however, since the fact you have to pay for everything with bitcoin (no fiat options) is a showstopper for me.

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