• Try to keep this quick as have to head off to work.

    Assets with decimals. Isn't this like a really bad way to go about your asset?

    For instance if I buy .000001 shares of Flex,,,doesn't that cost the asset 1 coin to send my .000001 shares a tiny microscopic dividend?

    Or is their a way for them to not send fractional shares a dividend?
    I couldn't imagine going through the holder list every payout and manually excluding all fractional share holders.

    Wouldn't this open the door for possible asset terrorism? For instance say one person went ape chit and opened 1k wallets and bought .000001 flex assets in each one. Wouldn't that now be a 1k coin fee on that asset for every payout?

  • well thats the responsibility of asset issuer 😉 i would go all orangutan onto issuer if he wouldnt pay for those fractional shares (unless it is stated in the asset that those fractionals would be excluded 😃 )

  • @Dillion No.. It would be a 1k Burst fee cost to the buyer LOL

    Remember that you pay 1 burst fee per AE order so the flex asset pay their fee to put the sell order in the AE and you pay 1 burst fee per each buy order you pput in there xD

    EDIT: Ho you mean to send the dividends, yes it will cost 1 burst fee to the amount to be distributed so would affect everyone not just the issuer but every holder... You can look at it like the faucets payment in satoshis, that is the reason they make you hold a week sometimes so you can get your payment, and you see how the payments work? It's not like a normal payment (not 1 fee per address but a scripted payment or whatever the name is), if that kind of things start to happen in the AE we may have to create some kind of system like this to pay dividends...

  • @gpedro I think he meant is when the asset issuer pays out divdends, they will have to put out a 1 burst fee to pay me my divdends

    ( @gpedro scripted payment like a batch payment in btc :p )

  • @HiDevin Yes, i was typing the correction but you were faster LOL

  • @gpedro dillion saw my wallet and i have 0.000001 flex in my account lol

  • @HiDevin I'm not exactly sure how scripted payments work but i think they were made exactly to reduce the fees (because i see hundreds of transfers with just one fee and i think it's smaller than it should but i may be wrong xD) so maybe it's the way to go in order to solve this kind of issue...

  • @gpedro have you ever notice a batch withdraw in poloniex? when u withdraw btc from there the fee is 10k and when they do a transaction the fee is like 180 sats/b

  • @HiDevin actually never noticed, just from faucets with weekly payments... Do you know how batch transfers work or where can i read about it? I usually notice it with freebitcoin payments to my wallet but never really searched about it tbh xD

  • @gpedro don't know where to read about it, for me, i treat as one big transaction splited into tiny transactions xD

  • @HiDevin yeah but my questions are more like how it works from the mining point of view and such... I mean the blockchain treat it like if it is just one transaction or what? I know for a fact that for instance 402 have or at some point had more than 255 holders and 1 block only supports 255 transaction so this could also be a great solution for such a thing, although i am not sure if we are there yet because it would certainly reduce mining rewards...

  • @gpedro but there is no batch option with burst right??

  • @Dillion As far as i know no, but i guess something can be done when the time comes...