Closed: Vector & Margin by FrilledShark

  • @haitch, please don't ignore this serious issue.
    @FrilledShark was a verified user? Do you have contact with him?

  • admin

    @emcb Not ignoring it - @FrilledShark wasn't a verified member. I've tried an email to his registration email, but got no response - I'll try again.

  • @emcb find him on bitcointalk he has a legendary acc I believe.

  • Sorry for the posting on a while.
    @haitch I have not gotten your email. I got contacted on Bitcointalk, which is linked to my mail.

    I wanted to send the money the asset had back to the asset holders earlier. However, at the time I had some offers on earning some additional money for the asset.
    This money is important, as the asset holds it's value in Bitcoin (as previously written), however a part of it is also hold in Burst, if you do a blockchain search.
    Some projects has also given the asset some losses. The losses and earnings of the asset doesn't quite add up and will with the current Burst price mean there will be a negative result.

    I can send all the assets value back, however this will result value lost against Burst.

  • @frilledshark

    Thank you for taking the time to answer here.
    I support the closure of this asset.
    We could receive payment in the Burst and BTC, so as not to lose on conversion - it's not a problem.

    I have a limit of 1 PM letter per hour at bitcointalk, so I hope that our communication will be continued here.

  • @emcb
    It will be a problem Returning it in Bitcoin as the network is currently over capacity, resulting in increased transaction costs.

    I am out of country and will first be home on the fourth in the new year. This means I will not have access to the asset's Bitcoins for close to 2 weeks.

  • @frilledshark
    Well. I'm not saying that you need to pay right now.
    Indeed, now is not the time. It is not excluded that after 2 weeks bitcoin will be worth 20'000$ and the Burst will cost about 0,0000001/2 BTC.
    Thank you, what you have outlined some real time to solve this issue.

  • @frilledshark
    Transaction costs are low now. When do you plan to close the asset and pay the owners of the asset?

  • @frilledshark Your frivolous attitude towards the owners of the asset begins to irritate!
    Please close the asset, return the money to people and do your business as much as you want!

  • @emcb
    Hello. I am sorry for my disappearance.
    I will be distributing the current Burst holdings of the asset among the holders tomorrow.
    I will look into the Bitcoin holdings later.
    None of the assets the asset has held has moved since my disappearance. You can look this up on the blockchain.
    ( It appears Burst has changed a lot since my last usage of the wallet and I will have to set myself into how it works. It might be delayed, sorry)

  • @frilledshark Don't worry, take your time. When the capital is frozen and does not work - it is absolutely normal for all investors. We can wait for you to figure out how the coin works now... How long do you need for this? 5 years, 10? (Sarcasm)