hey @puffler nice to see you around here guess your Name is Cryptosolar not Puffler, also it sounds much better, or what do you think ? btw, yes those exchange lists should be updated soon, i see Poloniex and Bisq for example are gone, but I am not 100% sure. https://www.burst-coin.org/exchanges https://burstwiki.org/en/exchanges/ __ I have no clue what the status is actual on: https://www.cryptaldash.com/ https://numex.exchange/ maybe its a good idea to write them a e-mail. __ I like that voting idea maybe you can go ahead and take burst on the Voting List on https://www.satoexchange.com/list-coin-for-vote/ thx. I am gonne send you some burst coin to buy those ugly SATX tokens xD have a nice day !