@themartian If you can, just go ahead. We are looking forward. Don't forget to list your project on our map when it's done! CryptoMaps Tokens are not meant to be all sold at 1 Burst. We also don't plan to sell them all. Primarily they should work as an easy-to-use asset to be used in our ecosystem for example for making user's spot more visible. Dividends should be a reward for those, who feel like supporting our project by buying more than 0.01% of CryptoMaps shares. Also we would like to ensure you that nobody is going to disappear. We admit that our website is made in a really low-cost way, but it's just our lack of resources. It works and the token, as we believe, will give us some funds for a better development. It's not easy to start a project, even an easy one. We are not happy that we scared you. But at the end you don't have to buy anything. Our goal is to make more people add their business to our map and making the website usable for more people. Token is helpful, but secondary. Hope that now everything is clear. Best regards, Team CryptoMaps