What's about oceanx? Is it good?

  • I need got a new exchange to trade,I gotta say, that I’m a little bit disappointed by my previous exchange and I found oceanx.Many say that it’s quite all right, and it could be a good choice. for instance https://cryptogeek.info/en/exchanges/oceanex
    I’m think about to attempt . Is there any issues or problem with that? What could you advice?

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    you must be northern european or something with a name like 'nord'

    I'm in USA and i can't use OceanX however i would if i could and it offered access to something i liked.

    To me when i look at an exchange I look at a couple of things.

    The platform the web platform itself, the interface, does it seem flimsy or insecure? also importantly, the volume on major USDT/Crypto pairs like BTC and finally I look at how thier charts look.

    so I saw the platform user interface web application thing was very similar to an exchange I already use www.Bitmart.com very similar platform imo.

    secondly the USDT/BTC volume was over 21 Million today for 24hrs. (not bad!)

    and finally the charts are provided by Tradingview which is the premier chart web saas out there imo. so all that being said

    OCEANX would be a go for me if they served USA despite the 3.5 rating on the webpage you linked in your post.

    usually i'd hope for a 4.0 rating but who is that rating agency anyway?

    It's all about your own personal experience.

    Try small deposit and test, then trade, analyze fee structure, Withdraw fees can be a pain in the ASS! check those out. after you've given the platform a try w 20 - 30 dollars in crypto deposit, trade, hold, stake, withdraw, whatever, then analyze how you feel about your user experience and go from there!

    I bet you'll find that exchange to be sufficient for your needs.

    Liquidity i might add is really important, before you go trading some obscure coin make sure the exchange has the type of liquidity on the market on a regular basis for the type of trade your interested in.

    if you wanna trade 10k worth of capital but the liquidity is less than 5k/day might wanna reconsider the platform or the size of the play.