BTC gold predictions

  • Is there anybody who deals with bitcoin gold?
    Is it good way of depositing and traiding? I'm thinking about this option and collect some different opinions, I read this and it says that it's got some sense to invest. What's your opinion?

  • Hail bearnord,

    BTC gold, huh? I took and look at it and I didn't like it. I went to their home page and i really wasn't that impressed. I'll tell ya why in a minute. Then i went to and I did actually see 1 thing i thought was OK about the project. The project is ranked highly. 38th if i recall correctly. past that I don't know what attracts me to it at all.

    The project looks very similar to any random gpu mined coin i've seen in my time as a gpu card miner. nothing advantageous for the user and the gpu mining is expensive and not as ecological as other projects because it's gpu mined, right?(pretty sure that's what i got from the home page of the projects website).

    when i looked at what they had for the "user" a whole bunch of partnerships that didn't mean anything big to me, the project's borrowing Bitcoin's name that's not an advantage in my opinion. In my opinion it seems kind of scammy, that's what these wanna be projects do is mimic real ones and partner up with each other so that you'll believe them. ( pardon me, if you don't mind me asking, what's your angle, do you actually use this coin in your line of work or something?)

    Anyway, no point in beating a dead horse but when I look at the price chart it looks very bland, you know, to me that is. So the price is sorta stable kinda not much action and no spicy upside just flat and down w the occasional but random pump. looks like a pumper dumper. you climb aboard after the pump and they dump.(i could be wrong I'm wrong all the time)

    i've got my own interests and biases obviously but i'll spare you the rest it.

    Please no disrespect just giving you my honest feedback.
    I've taken advice from friends who have been lucky enough to make money with random projects like that and I've been too late and I've missed the real action and the risk is increased with lower up side but i'm on a good tip so i over hold, oops.

    So for those reasons BTG is a hard pass imo.

    wish you the best,