*OFFICIAL* GPS POC MINING ASSET - ID: 9331232355484399548

  • ok we'll be growing over the course of the next few weeks about 96 terrabytes. totally exciting we should reach a total of around 225 terrabytes of POC capacity effectively.

    Also I've enlisted a second machine to carry the I/O load so we now have 2 Megahashers up and running.

    you can follow along with the miners collectively on each pools observable workers page:

    BURST: VLP - '1-South' Burst Mining Rig @ https://voiplanparty.com/

    BOOM: FOXY - BOOM-F7BY-99KE-7C9J-FNMFL @ https://0-100-boom.foxypool.cf/

    BHD: HDPOOL - https://hdpool.com/#/shareMiner?key=yWs744fpcCHYZ37DFLETmgsV7HoByo

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  • Starting in August 35% of proceeds after electricity will go toward paying off the additional hardware added.

    Including the Operator's 5% and 35% revenue after electric. The dividend will be split 60/40 shareholder/operator until we settle the balance, which follows:

    • we were positive $700 selling the 1080s.

    • after: 96 TB ($1200) /additional Megahasher ($485)/ some USB hubs and 4hrs labor. ($115)

    • which will end up looking like +$1100 invested beyond the existing $700 balance.

    The Megahashers are a prefered build powered Windows 10 and by the AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU on a 'middling' gaming mobo by gigabyte, 16 gigs of ram, an efficient seasonic platinum 850w PSU and a solid case with plenty of vents and large fans.

    All in all it's not a bad deal. 96TB at a reasonable cost, the Megahasher gtd for a decade, and insourced by the operator himself. well I'd be amiss if I didn't also say this couldn't be possible without the generous offer of a good friend who sourced the hardware and provided build recommendations and in person support.

    Thanks friend! you know who you are.

    and we're now running 2x Megahashers btw. (photos soon)TM

    I've found these builds to be reliable year in and year out since 2016 and I expect around a decades worth of labor from each. I'll just take any and all repairs or hardware replacements on these machines for life as I am their caretaker.

  • Dear asset holders,

    Dificulty has risen therefor this month we mined 2.27 BHD and the price of this token is down despite my belief that it could be worth more.

    due to a lack of BURST flow cost prohibitive exchange from BHD to BURST I think we're gonna delay the dividend payout infavor of reinvestment into our BHD mining mortgage.

    complicated with indecision on market price in addition to the cost of converting to BURST including fees withdrawing from exchanges I'm hesitant to pay a dividend for July.

    the mined BHD can help via mortgage and it can be sold at a later date once the price has reached a favorable price.

    therefor I regret to announce that July's BURST dividend will be stored and recorded and set to be sold under more favorable conditions and payout will be payed respectively for each transaction.


  • Investors,

    we have shifted gears by changing our dividend payout schedule so here's what you should know about your investment in Goodplanets POC mining.

    We are currently growing from 150TB to >200TB in HDD plotted Proof of Capacity POC2(compatible) capacity. We are mining BURST BHD and BOOM.

    If and when we do pay dividends and your interested in being paid in a cryptocurrency other than BURST feel free to contact me about that, not a problem. I can make not of that quite easily.

    As you may know your dividend payouts have toggled to the "HODL MODE" where we will be trading the cryptocurrencies mined once the markets achieve our target sell prices respectively BURST, BHD and BOOM, serving investors in our usual dividend process after stock has been sold.

    BURST: $0.10 or 1000 satoshi
    BHD: $150 or 0.01BTC
    BOOM: To be designated...

    Goodplanets, myself, will reserve the right to revise cryptocurrency sell targets based on an open dialogue with investors, market information and improved strategy concepts.

    Also you should know that if any other Proof of Capacity Cryptocurrencies develop we will be looking into the projects profitability and integrity in hopes of making merge mining possible with any emerging POC projects.

    Thank you to all for sticking with us,

    Lastly I regret to inform you, due to market down pressure and increased difficulty mining I've removed the BURST on the open BHD mining asset exchange. However, all investors are welcome to contact me personally in cases of divestment from GPs mining asset. We can work together on a case by case basis. This is for your security and mine.

    Best wishes asset hodlers!

    talk with you all soon.


  • you can always check on the nature of GP's POC mining machines here at these addresses!

    BURST - https://voiplanparty.com > BURST-F7BY-99KE-7C9J-FNMFL

    BHD - https://hdpool.com/#/shareMiner?key=6mZpPE8Fiq515Gf4wted816hSjTfcZ

    BOOM - https://boom.foxypool.cf/ > BURST-F7BY-99KE-7C9J-FNMFL

  • After fixing a problem reporting to HDPOOL I believe I solved the low mining results issue and we should be expecting more like 7 BHD a month roughly instead of the 2.5 or so we mined last month, frustratingly.

    if this is the case I will be obliged to pay dividends as that's about $100USD in revenue and i reckon that's about the minimum i'd like to pay out. for now.

    161.4 TB and growing.

    there are a few odds and ends I need to round up before I can begin installing the internal HDD to get us above the 200 TB mark.

  • Big News!

    We have jumped off of HDPool and into Foxy Pool as we are told HDPool is embezzlingsmall amounts frequently from miners.

    Also, we have added Litecoin HD to our wheel house!

    Furthermore we have struck a generous deal with a friend for some drive chasis which will allow us to improve our read times when employed with an adapter.

    As for dividend schedule, we are still suspending the dividend schedule indefinitely due to low production and low sale prices.

    That being said it appears BHD LHD and BOOM are all on exchanges and can be sold for BTC so we may be seeing dividend schedule posted soon.

    we're looking for above $150 in revenue / monthly all coins combined.

    currently we're at ~$75/Month.

    we'll see soon!

    best to all! come find us on discord if you haven't already!


  • good work @goodplanets 🙂