POCC is leaving BURST !!! Statement 03.01.2019 https://twitter.com/PoC_Consortium/status/1080727862238416896

  • POCC is now leaving BURST, they wrote it on Twitter:


  • @burnme said in POCC is leaving BURST !!! Statement 03.01.2019 https://twitter.com/PoC_Consortium/status/1080727862238416896:

    nted, all of this drama and emotions even the leaving of POCC was unnecessary. The PoCC did amazing work and had the right vision (Dymaxion) but in communication this time they failed. What did POCC team think of what happend if some miners on their pool finding out that they are dual mining with no reward and more electricity using and the POCC team made no information about that. They have to know that some miners would freak out about that and that they complaining about this in the forums. The POCC must have known that some miners are not amused about that.

    PoCC did a very well job and yes its sad they are leaving. But when it comes to peoples money (Electricity) it hurts.
    Stealing is stealing and thats what PoCC did - end of story!

    Just admit it and move on for Burst 😃

  • @zohtar

    They should have informed the miners before testing. That was the failing communication. I think they don't come back. They don't want to come back. And in the end of my text i wrote it. They seems to be highly skilled developers and it's hard to believe that they didn't know what shitstorm from the community comes on dual mining and not informing about that before.

    It seems they looked for a way out and used the community shitstorms to exit burstcoin development.

    So if the community doesn't matter like they say they would have working on Dymaxion without drama . It 's like in the real world on the working place. If yout want to quit your job you find a reason to quit without saying the real reason if you don't want to.

    Perhaps we get a fork or something else from the POCC, we will see.

  • Whats is the community.

    There can be no real community in forums.

    If i would create a new coin for PoCC like Chia or BHD and i dislike the other coin like Burst.

    I would go to the forums create an account and shout at the developer team until they stop development. Nice and easy if that is working.

    Perhaps we should have a look on SmartCash. What if we get an similar voting system which depends on holding coins. So if we can ask the community for decicions. And only the real invested can vote. So we know that every man who is voting is realy invested and the more the more oting is possible.

    The end is always the beginning of a new. We have to think of possibility to solve problems in burstcoin in a less toxic and not destroying way.

  • @burnme We should just relax. New devs will come 😃

  • Looks like Burst will be d-listed from Polo any day now. And that will probably be the end of that.

  • it was the end when polo turned crypto cop and forced photo i.d. @Dillion , in my opinion, my funds are stuck there and thats just wrong. Everyones a suspect. as far as POC Consortium leaving well its not like any of them met face to face on the street and as for this voting in the top 10 voting stuffs everything up and internet vote is as faceless as vpn. I could be in japan and use tor over vpn and look like a south korean. I could be on a vpn and pretend to be at the north pole. Or even generate a million fake votes tricking the voting mechanism all without a subscription to any vpns proxies etc. Hey if i liked a coin and knew this wouldnt you think i'd go ahead and vote a billion times?!? no. crypto voting should be banned. It attacts trouble. Voting is for ballot boxes. backdoors are getting installed on security end points because the minority are a majority on social media is primarily why i've left many services lately. I've even been attacked at my home. several times. Makes me wonder what happened to pocc members. Seriously though, java itself is being revealed as dead more than ever now. I think it would be a good time to port the wallet comletely away from it. If it was ported to rust language it would have much less cpu overhead and harder to find exploits.

  • It would be nice if it was at least listed on a exchange with a DOGE market. Like CoinExchange, tradesatoshi or yobit. That way we can still mine and trade it when it tanks under one sat. Just being on POlo, and Bitrex really fux us. We need get on them smaller exchanges too. I know its on c-cex and livecoin too but its been in maintenance on both of those exchanges for weeks now if not months.

  • @zohtar agreed. i think instead of crying over POCC leaving we should be looking forward to new and better things from the new devs that will surely come. i dont think the negativity encourages new devs to come. our energy should be put into creating a healthy enviroment for new devs to work.

  • the toll is getting heavy for polo https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.net/en/poloniex-com/

    the user comments say it all
    They need to back off the photo ID racket.
    Last I looked at the polo exchange every coin fell through the floor as they were recovering from a server crash LUL
    Besides, security is where Anonymity ends and thats at the Banks and ATM's bitcoin ATM's take photos banks transfer coins to cash and vice versa.