How to Mine Burstcoin with 1 Wallet & "Multiple PC" harddrives

  • Hello,
    I am new to mining Burstcoin and therefore a little confused. I am trying to mine Burstcoin on multiple PCs (each PC having multiple hard drives) with 1 wallet.

    This is what I have setup and what I am attempting to do:

    • I have created 1 local Burstcoin wallet on my primary PC. This PC is the newest PC that I have. It will be the primary miner...

    • I have loaded the latest stable version of Qbundle. And I have downloaded and been using Xplotter. To distinguish between the 2 plotter methods.....I am not using Dynamic Plotting.

    • Then I have 3 other PCs that I would like to have mine Burstcoin. I guess they would be considered secondary miners.

    • I have 3 to 4 hard drives that are plotted and connected to each pc.

    So how do I setup this network of miners to all mine Burstcoin? I would like them all to connect to one Pool and use the 1 wallet that I have created.

    I read somewhere that you can do this with the Proxy setting, but I do not see that setting anywhere in Qbundle.

    Is there a better way to do this? Please be as detailed as possible.

    Thank you,