Scavenger Miner

  • @Energy GPU mode is awesome you can tune how many cores to a sweet spot that you have remains to run graphics too …. there is a benchmark mode too.

  • @zapbuzz the GPU I prefer to use it for other things

  • each to their own 🙂

  • Dear All,

    Newbie here. Just wish to use scavenger miner. But I'm confused by config.ymal.

    1. Do I really need to enter "account_id_to_secret_phrase"? The comment is saying "define accounts and passphrases for solo mining". I'm using pool mining instead of solo.

    2. url
      The comment is saying "testnet pool".
      Can I use this pool ''

    3. target_deadline
      What is this? The log file shows "{"errorCode":"1008","errorDescription":"deadline exceeds deadline limit of the pool"}"

    Thanks very much

  • admin

    @hlbcal Welcome to the community.

    1. Only required if you're solo mining.
    2. Enter the http URL of the pool you want to use, the testnet one was just an example.
    3. a) Your deadline is greater than the pool accepts. If you're using a PoCC style pool, use the calculator on the pools "Info" page to set it for the target DL for your capacity.
      or b) are all your plots PoC2 style - burstiid_startNonce_number of nonces ?

  • @haitch Thanks very much haitch!

    I've found detailed user guide at

    It is indeed very useful. Managed to get it work, at least is running now.

    I'm using PoC2 style.


  • I switched from Blago to Scavenger a few days ago. Seems to be about the same speed and efficiency as what I had with Blago. Pool is reporting 237 TB and my actual is 233 TB, so very close. I'm running a pair of AVX2 capable CPUs, so that's what it is using. My scan completes in about 25 seconds (pretty much identical to what I got with Blago), so I guess it would be pointless to throw a GPU in the mix, correct?

    @hlbcal you can comment out those top 3 lines of the config. They are for solo mining. Yes, the url for the 50-50 pool you list should work. That's the same one I use. Go to the Quick Info tab on the 50-50 pool web page, enter your plotsize, and it will tell what value to use for the deadline. You did already set the rewards recipient to the pool you're mining on, correct?

  • I did some tweaking of the gpu version's memory cache .... be careful if you reduce it your hard disks can stall, the miner can become stuck and you will miss rounds also may have to log off since the miner will not close. The default set is probably safest however reducing down to half the default may have interesting results. The GPU likes to work with smallish caches. My comments are about the AMD R7 GPU and results will undoubtly vary between brands and versions.

  • @energy

    except blago disqualifies itself over a HEFTY virus warning .. I wouldnt ever consider using it ..

  • @eagle275 It is a false positive has been like that since always, many miners give that warning.
    The new software does not affect you because they are written in another programming language.