How to simultaneously mine Burst and BTCHD

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    So, I have had a few people ask me so here goes nothing.
    This is a quick rundown of how to simultaneously mine Burst coin and BTCHD at the same time, without having to reward assigning yourself to Hpool!

    1. Install the wallet
      Fire up your wallet and generate a receiving address under receiving addresses
    2. Create an account at
      Once you have created a user, add your payout address under Assets Management> Payment address, and then copy your apiKey: found on the Basic Settings page.
    3. Download the miner here
      Edit the following in Miner.conf
      MinerName add your username for Hpool
      Paths add your plot paths.
      AccountKey this is the API I told you to copy earlier.
    4. Fire up the miner and you should now be mining BTCHD on the same plots you mine your Burst.

    Payouts are at 04:00 Copenhagen time. is the only BTCHD pool available at this time.
    The coin is listed here

    Things to take into consideration.
    They have a mortgage plane in place whereby you will only be paid 10% of what you mine, unless
    you mortgage 3 times the amount of BTCHD to the amount of TB you would like to mine with.
    Invest at your own risk! read more about this on the Assets Management page under Mortgage.
    Your miner needs to have the adequate hardware to handle the extra ram and cpu load.
    Lastly I would like to note that this coin is very new to me so I don’t know all the pros and cons yet.
    However if this was helpful to you at all BTCHD 3GpF5mMGW9PinQf8XhNY9RejoCr9sPBhKd or BURST-7EXC-WXU7-AZ4M-5DE3T
    Regards operator.

  • looks like the famico version of nintendo

  • gave it a go wallet won't sync so I abandoned it

  • @moverspool I just tried today. The target DL is only 1 day!!! How should we win "lottery" at such a low DL?

  • admin

    @hlbcal It's a lottery, every ticket has the same chance. Only the more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win.

  • @haitch The targetDL from this btchd pool is far too small. All DLs I've got are far beyond their target therefore they are not submitted at all.

    Compare to Burst pools, to use the same plots, I still have quite decent submissions every day.

  • @hlbcal I have nothing to do with Hpool.
    My Burst pool has a one year DL limit.
    I merely made the post above to let people know they can make more profit with the same plots.
    Granted you will need an ok large plot to have reasonable amount of deadlines bellow one day to mine btchd.