[ANN]Goodplanet's Nvidia GPU Farm

  • woo I love me some numbers. Thanks for breaking it down for us GP

  • @bluebook said in [ANN]Goodplanet's Nvidia GPU Farm:

    @goodplanets tis looking good. Will you be looking at adding more cards in the future by witholding a percentage of the dividends, or is the current setup the limit for the rig?

    • add more cards? yes

    • how to pay for said cards? i dunno yet.

    • Possibly through dividends paid to issuer and/or future funding.

    One thing I think will fall by the wayside is: BOOST BURST

    the process of arbitrarily designating BURST to assets away from the GPSGPUFARM asset is going to go away. The benefactors of BOOST BURST will be brought into the fold by swapping failed asset shares for GPSGPU asset shares.

    I'm not sure exactly the proper way to distribute the swap but I will explain everything openly and simply no matter how we decide to do it. I'm sure we can come to some form of consensus on the matter.

    So once the swap occurs Boost BURST will likely be retired.

  • one thing about adding cards is available PCIE slots. I have none.

    so we have a 970 and a 1070 and 2 1080s

    i'm thinking of dumping the 970 and upgrading the card for this PCIE slot.

    The 970 is using about 70% of the energy a 1080 is using however producing like 1/8th the 1080ti.

    The 970 is barely generating revenue and is actually hurting our efficiency rating.

    so that's one thing we can do to improve our operation for sure.

  • I have half a mind to remove it from the rig all together actually.

    it would improve our costs vs revenue ratio.

  • @goodplanets I heard about these 1060 TI's that are supposed to have sweet mem packs that make them operate like a 1080...

    for the money, I think they're the move. (when they come out)

    I'll keep my ear to the rail though, if anyone has any 1080s, 1070s they'd like to offer for sell or trade feel free to let us know!

  • vote yes to replace the 970 with a 1070 or better card. what componet's are in the two rig's CPU , ram ?? it might be possible to Ebay the 970 and use the funds gained to upgrade one of the Mobo's to one with more PCI slots and still keep your current CPU ram, however you will need to calculate power draw as more than two GPU's and you might need a second powersupply and depending on space inside the case will need to rack mount everything with PCI risers ( use powered risers ) mobo's have difficulty putting full 75 wat to every PCI slot at the same time when you start connecting lots of GPU's. if on a budget its also possible to mine on lower hash power sipper GPU's the some of the 1050's are simmilar to my RX 460 as in its low hash rate but it does not use dedicated power they are sub 75 wat cards that get all power throu the PCI connection directly from the MoBo. yes they produce small hash but given the super energy efficency combined with low up front cost can make them a better option than say a 1050ti or a 1060 just from the savings in electricity.

  • still stabilizing one 1080 TI card that runs a bit warm.

    seems to crash when left alone too long.

    I've reduced the - intensity by 5% and I'm going to monitor it today.

    I guess testing these cards is more ongoing then I thought it would be.

    No worries! my seasonal job is all but gone kaput and I'm afk less now.

  • @goodplanets 0_1541541679881_ca21ad5a-be19-49e5-a59f-16f0bdf9b0c5-image.png

    found the problem...

  • @goodplanets

    Farms averaging 60MH/S which produces about 60 raven a day which equals about $2.53.

    We're paying an estimated $1.14 a day for mining related electrical consumption.

    Revenue after Costs is estimated at $1.39 a day before GP's BURST mining subsidy.

    GP's BURST mine should average $0.78 a day in subsidy.

    bringing our estimated daily revenue up to $2.17.

    Not bad for 105 TB and 3 Graphics cards.

  • @goodplanets

    remember also, estimates are before fees.

    markets fluctuate.

    please take into consideration:

    • GP's 5% service and administration fee

    • withdraw fees from cc exchanges total as high as $5.00 (i try to avoid making small withdraws from exchanges, ofc)

  • @goodplanets

    time for an updizzle.

    So, everythings really stable, proud of the work GP & friends have contributed to the stability of the mining infostructure that we have here in GP'sGPUFarm.

    Still mining RVN because it's still the most profitable coin to mine according my research regarding most of the known mining calculators and thier reports most of the time.

    Some coins are the rare unicorn that do mine more profitably than RVN for a short time but consistently RVN comes back to the throne.

    Due to time off reconfiguring, testing and also extremely high fluctuations in RVN coin prices this month the dividend might not be a good representation of what is to be expected going forward.

    What you can expect is profitable mining for as much up time as possible, communications and reports often.

    I'll be publishing the reports and paying the dividend together upon receipt of the electric bill in the mail.
    (just had a thought, I'm going to see if I have an online account with the power company and find out what data I have there.)

  • something wasn't right so I changed RVN mining pools.

    we're @ https://ravenminer.com/?address=RCjU7ZtUnCwLJTYCCwtECiccJhCKCRWNR2 now.

    As always, mining burst @ https://voiplanparty.com/ search BURST-F7BY-99KE-7C9J-FNMFL .

    so farl happy with both pools.