[ANN]Goodplanet's Nvidia GPU Farm

  • my only explanation for BTX being the most profitable coin to mine is that BTX isn't as popular as RVN but i don't actually know.


    Let's see what google analytics says:


    ya, whats' Bitcore? lol...

    anyway, still profitable.

    WTF? Crypto! be more profitable!

  • @goodplanets

    Still mining RVN

  • @goodplanets Same - raven is the best/most stable coin to mine at the moment 🙂

  • It actually went up 50% today. Sweet time to sell for sure!

  • well, I hope this is worth it I have just got some assets basically all in from my new account if its gonna be good to me I'll get some more.

  • GPSGPU (9331232355484399548) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 1798.3
    Summary of proposed distribution of 1536.75BURST to 14
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 132587189 (Tue, 06 Feb 2018 01:46:29 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    400, BURST-ZADQ-FYNY-PE2V-5DPEQ, 341.82283268
    300, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 256.36712451
    240, BURST-7P3S-ZDCP-HD29-BW3HM, 205.09369961
    200, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 170.91141634
    200, BURST-86S9-4878-YF3C-9YAWD, 170.91141634
    175, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 149.5474893
    110, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 94.00127899
    50, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 42.72785408
    50, BURST-YPKG-USHC-UZF7-AFJ5D, 42.72785408
    48, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 41.01873992
    15, BURST-C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX, 12.81835623
    9, BURST-WCFN-FDXE-752G-33R9R, 7.69101374
    1, BURST-SBAX-QGLE-VR3Y-4QKR8, 0.85455708
    0.3, BURST-FCCJ-HQM9-BZBD-F87U5, 0.25636712

  • sorry about the late dividend payment. Let's go monthly to make it easier and more efficient for the operator/ GP.

    we should do dividends with the power bill monthly. It just makes sense. Right?

    If everyone's ok with going monthly then next dividend will to be expected around the 15th of the month.

    Also to come:
    Power Consumption and Burst Mining Subsidy reports

  • @goodplanets anywho here we goooo!

    GPSGPU (9331232355484399548) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 2062.3
    Summary of proposed distribution of 1382.75BURST to 15
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 133202378 (Tue, 13 Feb 2018 04:39:38 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    400, BURST-ZADQ-FYNY-PE2V-5DPEQ, 268.19570383
    300, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 201.14677787
    240, BURST-7P3S-ZDCP-HD29-BW3HM, 160.9174223
    200, BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T, 134.09785191
    200, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 134.09785191
    200, BURST-86S9-4878-YF3C-9YAWD, 134.09785191
    175, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 117.33562042
    170, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 113.98317413
    50, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 33.52446298
    50, BURST-YPKG-USHC-UZF7-AFJ5D, 33.52446298
    48, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 32.18348446
    19, BURST-C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX, 12.73929593
    9, BURST-WCFN-FDXE-752G-33R9R, 6.03440334
    1, BURST-SBAX-QGLE-VR3Y-4QKR8, 0.67048926
    0.3, BURST-FCCJ-HQM9-BZBD-F87U5, 0.20114678

  • @goodplanets I'm good with monthly dividend payments. What date would you be looking at so I can factor it into my accounting?

  • i'm with @Bluebook

  • @goodplanets said in [ANN]Goodplanet's Nvidia GPU Farm:

    If everyone's ok with going monthly then next dividend will to be expected around the 15th of the month.

  • @goodplanets hello everyone!!!

    glad to introduce our newest addition to the mining rig! 08G-P4-6676-KR GTX 1070 FTW2

    lets all welcome @08G.


  • 08G, an Nvidia EVGA 1070FTW2 performs very well compared to our ASUS 970.

    here it is absolutely carrying the 970 while mining RVN:


    here she is via GPU-Z:


    and our sensors reports on her:


    So she seems a fine addition to the gang.

  • So once again that's

    2 x EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW
    1 x EVGA GTX 1070 TI FTW2
    1 x ASUS GTX 970

    we're looking at energy costs like:

    140 watts sustained monthly EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW = ~ $10.96 / MONTH / CARD
    135 watts sustained monthly EVGA GTX 1070 TI FTW2 = ~$10.53 / MONTH
    105 watts sustained monthly ASUS GTX 970 (chuckle) = ~$8.19 / MONTH

    Total cost of power usage = ~$40.64 / MONTH

    These figures are broad stroke estimates that would cover just about any algo mined.

    So,,, here we go... profitability:

    30 days 1 power bill
    30 days 1 crypto mining dividend

    let's do the math:

    all together they're pushing 68.5 MH/s roughly mining RVN and that's producing roughly 65 RVN a day at current difficulty (which varies!!!!).




    so let's say roughly... "30(~65 RVN/DAY) @ 0.000007BTC/RVN = 0.01365BTC or 11375 BURST or $87.79"

    Revenue - Costs = Profit

    $87.79 - $40.64 = $47.15 ideally.

    Great, but why does this asset pay even higher dividends?

    GP subsidizes GP'sGPU Farm's power costs by BURST mining 105TB rig!

    Did you know that?!

  • Subsidizing Graphics mining's electrical costs with Burst mining is a natural inclination of the nature of the GP'sGPU Farm model.

    GP's Rigs were designed to handle BURST mining while GPU mining simultaneously, thanks to @sevencardz ' design.

    At the moment GP'sGPUFarm asset has the benefit of 105 TB of POC2 compliant plots mining non stop throughout.

    You may visit GP's Farm's BURST mining rig here by entering the wallet address in the query: BURST-F7BY-99KE-7C9J-FNMFL


    basically cost electric by about as much as a couple of one hundred watt incandescent light bulbs would.

    so let's do the math. https://www.tomshardware.co.uk/amd-ryzen-7-1700-cpu-review,review-33854-8.html

    the AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU runs @ 30 watts for 30 seconds every 4 minutes on average when it calls the HDD array to read the plots. that's about 1/8th the time. other times it's probably idle. so... the 3 hours/day the cpu calls the hdds will run us about 90 watts per day and the other 21 hours idling at 15 watts according to Tom's making 315 watts day idling.

    a total of 400 watt hours daily 0.4kw/h daily or 12 KW/h a month

    that's the cpu and idling and reading hdds vary between 4-7 watts per disk idling or reading respectively.

    We can figure the same time frames apply because the cpu calls the hdd, so the formula should be the same.
    HDD wattage:
    4 watts by 21 hours is 84 watt/hours daily = 0.084kw/h
    7 watts by 3 hours is 21 watt/hours daily = 0.021kw/h

    CPU + HDD = BURST MINING Wattage

    0.4kw/h +0.105kw/h = 0.505kw/h daily or about 15kw/h monthly or at 10.83 cents an kw/h = $1.6245

    1 kw/h in my region = $0.1083 - https://www.dominionenergy.com/home-and-small-business/ways-to-save/energy-saving-calculators/appliance-energy-usage

    GP's BURST rig is scheduled to average out about 2800 BURST a month according to CG.


    so we can expect a revenue based on current prices of about $22.18 from BURST mining.

  • @goodplanets so at current rates all in all BURST + GPU this farm is projected to produce about

    $22.44 + $47.15 = $69.59 in crypto value in a month.

    how killer is that?

    so let's see if we can hit these numbers or get close.

  • @goodplanets investors have until the new year before I will begin paying dividends to ISSUER shares on GP's GPU Farm.

  • @goodplanets tis looking good. Will you be looking at adding more cards in the future by witholding a percentage of the dividends, or is the current setup the limit for the rig?

  • woo I love me some numbers. Thanks for breaking it down for us GP

  • @bluebook said in [ANN]Goodplanet's Nvidia GPU Farm:

    @goodplanets tis looking good. Will you be looking at adding more cards in the future by witholding a percentage of the dividends, or is the current setup the limit for the rig?

    • add more cards? yes

    • how to pay for said cards? i dunno yet.

    • Possibly through dividends paid to issuer and/or future funding.

    One thing I think will fall by the wayside is: BOOST BURST

    the process of arbitrarily designating BURST to assets away from the GPSGPUFARM asset is going to go away. The benefactors of BOOST BURST will be brought into the fold by swapping failed asset shares for GPSGPU asset shares.

    I'm not sure exactly the proper way to distribute the swap but I will explain everything openly and simply no matter how we decide to do it. I'm sure we can come to some form of consensus on the matter.

    So once the swap occurs Boost BURST will likely be retired.