GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets Thread

  • @goodplanets Going to perservere through this storm! !!!

    no worries not stopping!!!! going down with the ship!!!!

    just kidding, there's only 4-5 inches of rain projected this weekend for my area.

  • State of the Planet Report 9/18/19

    Alright folks!

    I goodplanets have been in action for 1 Quarter of a year and we've done some things.

    We've taken a look at graphics mining and we've established a method for growing out our current rig with GPSGPU (BURST Asset Id: 9331232355484399548) and that seems to be going smoothly.

    Goodplanets has taken a look at masternodes and has demonstrated what a shared masternode would look like as a BURST asset. That was cool.

    But what is really cool that GP has created is the masternode flipping BURST asset known as the GPSMNPOOL BURST asset which has ROI'd early investors 100% in just 4 weeks which is pretty phenomonal if you ask GP. currently about 1000% annual ROI for investors there. Keep it up GP!

    That being said - I , GP feel like we've made some moves, done some things and over all it's been a constructive 1st quarter or whatever you wanna call this part of our adventure so far.

    so good job everybody, at this point i'd like to make a few announcements and then opening the floor to discussion, questions, comments or critiques.

    First of all!!!!

    We're close to purchasing a 'new' used 1070 Nvidia card for GPSGPU farm. just need a few more asset sales there. 40 shares or so. the card is lined up from a reliable community member who's a super cool person!!! so it'll be there no rush.

    SECOND!!! (big announcement)

    GP has decided to release to the public 14,000 more shares of GPSMNPOOL burst asset.

    HEADS UP! GP will now take a 5% operators fee from GPSMNPOOL burst asset from here on out.

    GPMNPOOL is currently doing around 1000% annually (wow keep it up GP!) and shares have been listed from 150 - 250 BURST so get'em while they're hot!

    one more thing, i'm in the market for some marketing materials like advertisement banners and possibly a marketing strategy if anyone's interested in working for asset.

    BEST 2 ALL


  • Attention Folks!! GPSMNPOOL BURST Asset Marketing Materials Promo in effect!

    • 50 shares of GPSMNPOOL up for grabs!
    • 25 shares awarded to best 'Banner' and best 'Sidebar ad'

    Ad submissions to qualify must include:

    • in text "Goodplanets Masternode Pool BURST Asset"
    • in text "BURST Coin Asset Exchange"

    Ad must have:

    • have at least 3 frames
    • some animation is a +

    Judged by me GP

    Send submissions via direct message to

  • Just so nobody wastes their time making something which is unusable, what are the required dimensions for the banners and sidebars?

  • @tinycoins OOHHH YA!!!

    Sidebar ad size is 160x600, header is 728x90

  • @everyone

    I've recently introduced myself to the kind folks at GETBURST forums and I linked our forum as reference so I'd love it if you would all kindly welcome any folks that originate from that forum.

    Let's grow together.

    feel free to visit them and say hello!

  • dividend time!

    wierd week,

    MN coins took a beating this week across the board.

    the mn pool asset took a loss. first time in ever. all good. We'll recoup in a week or so.

    have to pay electricity for the gpu asset this week.

    not much going out. sad times.

  • GPSMNPOOL (14198946602976829759) Total found assets: 100000, Assets to be distributed: 1515
    Summary of proposed distribution of 14BURST to 14
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 130124955 (Mon, 08 Jan 2018 13:49:15 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    377.6, BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG, 1
    353, BURST-SP8N-FB45-CYE7-7PABT, 1
    100, BURST-WNQE-ALSP-SNE7-87UX2, 1
    40, BURST-HS47-6EWV-XVDW-D4BWQ, 1
    31, BURST-57NZ-HHDJ-3RC9-5BZG6, 1
    13, BURST-ZYQR-2B5F-SBS5-7MKBV, 1
    10, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 1
    10, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 1
    2, BURST-C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX, 1
    2, BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY, 1

  • @goodplanets OK folks!

    dividend time and this asset is in maintenance. womp womp...

    we got our but kicked two weeks ago there about and not much else we can do except recoup.

    However, a major part of the MN pool assets are vested in 'ABP' a mn project that has high ROI and a promising business model. the ABP is in presale atm and is being sold at 0.0006 Sats a piece.

    We've accrued a few hundred of these ABP and will be looking to market them in the coming week or so.

    If ABP is as well recieved by the trading community as I think it will then we should be paying dividends again by the end of October.

    cross our fingers.

    in the meantime, wishing the best to all!

  • Dividends for 10/2 - 10/8 going out today!

    sorry for delay! I was out of town, train delayed, and slightly ill but i'm home now! feeling better(a little bit) and getting somethings going for everyone for this week including last weeks divis.

    Hang with me! Divi's going out this afternoon.


  • Dividend time!

    going out for the week of 10/8 - 10/15

    It was a good week.

    Wish everyone the best!

  • Hang in there guys, We're recharging our fund's value from losses of over half the funds BTC.

    Our portfolio has some positive aspects to it.

    I'm not going to waste the burst doing a token dividend this week either though.

    If you'd like to track the funds investments you may here:

    When the fund itself acquiesces BITCOIN for the unsold coins we hold we will run a dividend in BURST, as always, of course.

    Wishing everyone the best!

    speak with you all soon!

  • @goodplanets good news folks,

    • We acquired a GTX 1070 installed tested and mining in GP'sGPU farm.

    • I will publish vitals and go in depth of how we will build out the GPU farm asset.

    • expect higher returns immidiately and shortly afterwards (2-6 weeks) a slight bump in the GPsGPU farm asset sale cost (+ ~5BURST).

    • GP's MNPOOL asset is as of 11/2/18 BTC liquid up to 0.1 BTC

    • at current BURST rates if I bought back all 1500 some odd GP's MNPOOL shares at equal value each share would be worth 50.5 BURST

    • If anyone would like to sell out at any point for any amount of shares of the MNPOOL asset at worth the DM me.

  • @goodplanets

    • the cost of running XMN masternodes exceeds the value of the rewards

    • BE ADVISED - all GP's XMN Shared Node BURST ASSET share holders will recieve GP'sGPU Farm Asset in order to include said investors in the project.

    • The value of XMN shared node shares is YET TO BE DETERMINED.

    • XMN share holders should expect valuation and swap by 11/21

    • FAQ: Will i have to send GP anything??? NO!!!!!

    (I'll send you what belongs to you and the old asset shares will no longer pay dividends. you may send them to anyone after 11/21 BUT NOT BEFORE.)

  • @goodplanets more to come

  • @Everyone

    Today 11/19/18

    • dividends coming out for GP's GPU Farm BURST Asset

    • GPSMNPOOL report will be posted. (maintenance continues)

    • Investors who hold GP's XMN MOTION Shared MN BURST Asset Holder's will recieve payment via GP's GPU Farm BURST Asset shares prior to today's dividend.

    • From hence forth all XMN Shared Masternode BURST Assets will be inactive.

    Thank you for your attention to these changes.

  • @goodplanets what happens with Motion2, is still active???

  • @energy hes swapping motion 1 and motion 2 asset shares for GPU shares and doing away with both motion assets

  • GP's Shared Masternode BURST Assets XMN1 & XMN2 Replacement

    Assets 2663432644302202784 & 15388633570732959342 GP's Shared XMN 1 & 2 Masternode Assets will be inactive due to poor revenue.

    In lieu, wallet addresses with shares of said assets will recieve shares of GPSGPUFARM BURST Asset at a rate of 2 shares per.

    1 XMN share = 2 GPU farm shares

    Shareholders listed here:


    "2663432644302202784":"2":"BURST-5474-ESTR-7F5C-4BMHP":"6845313284473975039 "


  • @everyone

    alright, everyone may follow the link here to the GPU FARM thread and stay informed about how Goodplanets and the GPU Farm are doing!

    Wishing everyone the best!