my experience in Cloud Mining with Google Drive Storage

  • @gpedro Sorry, I've had a headache for a couple of days and if it's hard for me to explain myself in Spanish, imagine in English xDD.

    I agree with you that if you do it as a project it's fine, if you have free space or at a reasonable price it's fine, but applying the prices that google puts plus the time it would take to get the 100TB seems to me an outrage, now well As he says to him it is free for him, of course all he gets is profit

  • @energy Oh lol, no problem... I face that problem too, many times, I must say xD
    Exactly... We are saying exactly the same 😉

  • @energy in my VPS , every 90.0 GB plot with 1 core of micro Intel processor (700 Nonce/s) took 8 - 9 hours to create and it takes 3-4 hours to upload to google drive. i am heading to buy 4 cores , 10 GB/s VPS .
    in the worst scenario it can handle 2800 Nonce/s and it will make it in 2 - 3 hours and 18 -30 minutes to upload.
    so for 90TB , again in worst scenario , take 145 days to set up.

  • i updated the first post!

  • @moso

    just an update - google announced a "price adjust" for April 2, 2019

    by $2 for the business plan - per user and month ...

    so going from $10 for 3 users to $10 for 5 users - now $12 for 5 users minimum to get unlimited storage

    And here I thought after all this time with falling hardware prices they would LOWER their asked price ...

    greed all around me

  • Might be faster to do plot at home and upload it to google when done?

  • @zoh

    Thats what he does, as far as I understand it ...