my experience in Cloud Mining with Google Drive Storage

  • haha my google cloud drives are still ticking along on poc 1 plots probably should update them... Never had a problem since @gpedro and I started messing with it.

    But I will say that the Johnny's fork of blago does seem to hang up (downloading from cloud) again when there is a fast block, Blago had fixed this in one of the later releases.

  • @crutsy yeah... The OGs of cloud mining xD
    Well, I stopped mining them when the fork happened, because it is just too slow and as my internet bandwidth got worst in the meantime I decided to stop them but one of my 23 clouds actually hit a block so Mission accomplished... hahaha
    As they are free clouds the network bandwidth is even worst for us @crutsy ...

    @ZapbuzZ never heard of anyone being banned with Google, with Amazon, however, was the lunch of all that tried xP

    @moso good luck with the replotting... Probably it will just pay for the VPS xD
    You can mess with it and try different configurations by splitting the plots into folders and see if it gets better while mining, use a number of folders that is multiple of the number of CPU threads you are using to mine because the miner will assign one CPU thread by plot path... You can also read plots sequentially, try to mess with it, you will very likely notice some fewer hiccups on the network and a more stable internet download speed... Good luck, it is a fun project and will let you through the ins and outs of the mining configurations on Burst...

    @Energy You can't really look at it as an investment but is a good hobby project that teaches you some good grounds with any cost at all... If it is free like having this account like he has, and if you already have a PC running 24/7, you just put it to mine and forget about it, one day you'll check and you are rich thanks to mining your Google cloud... lol
    I can assure you that my 23 x 15GB free Google accounts (aprox. 340Gb) made me more than 3000 Burst in one year... For an account to be cost effective it would have to mine around 7 Tb if I recall the math right, I know I did all that math a while ago... I think @RichBC was the one I said that reached the 5Tb mark with google but he saw that he was basically capped in there and it would not work as an investment, but you can in most months make the cloud pay for itself if you have a good internet connection and Google does not cap you too much... One thing to notice is that if you are downloading insane amounts of Gbs per day google will eventually start to limit the bandwidth that let's you use...

  • @gpedro As a short-term investment, you can not see it right now either buying hard drives.

    It is clear that if it is free for very little to get ahead, I understand that, the problem is with the prices I see in google that is not profitable the only thing you have money and do not mind spending it, another thing is what I eat have unlimited free space for little you get is all win

  • @energy As I said in the best months it will pay for the entire 30$ but expect that to not happen in the most months... Best case scenario you get the cloud for free and can enjoy your free unlimited space... but if it just pays for 2/3 of the cloud price and you have to pay monthly 10$ for an unlimited cloud that can be accessed by 2 different persons, averaging a 5$/month per each with unlimited store space is pretty amazing no?

  • @gpedro To pay the full 30 euros right now if I'm not wrong you need 90TB which if we take the example set here will take them 45 months to have them active, but you have to keep in mind that if you do not improve the price you have to increase the months and TB already that 5% less is mined every month.

    But I do not know if I've explained myself, I understand what you say and if it's free for you, you have to take advantage of it, but I do not think it's more profitable to buy the hard drives.

    I just found what you say is 8 euros per month but a minimum of 5 users to be unlimited, if not only give you 1TB

  • @energy Yeah you are right, they changed the pricing... It used to be 10$ per user and needed 3 users to be unlimited...
    Now it's expensivier to get the unlimited plan...That was too low tbh...

    But cloud mining is not a risk for HDD mining because the network bandwidth is a big limitation, maybe it will be as possible to mine with clouds as it is with HDDs when all the world is covered with 1000/1000 fiber, but until then it is just a good teaching-hobby that maybe let you make a few extra bucks if you have the cloud for free and a PC already running 24/7...

  • @gpedro Sorry, I've had a headache for a couple of days and if it's hard for me to explain myself in Spanish, imagine in English xDD.

    I agree with you that if you do it as a project it's fine, if you have free space or at a reasonable price it's fine, but applying the prices that google puts plus the time it would take to get the 100TB seems to me an outrage, now well As he says to him it is free for him, of course all he gets is profit

  • @energy Oh lol, no problem... I face that problem too, many times, I must say xD
    Exactly... We are saying exactly the same 😉

  • @energy in my VPS , every 90.0 GB plot with 1 core of micro Intel processor (700 Nonce/s) took 8 - 9 hours to create and it takes 3-4 hours to upload to google drive. i am heading to buy 4 cores , 10 GB/s VPS .
    in the worst scenario it can handle 2800 Nonce/s and it will make it in 2 - 3 hours and 18 -30 minutes to upload.
    so for 90TB , again in worst scenario , take 145 days to set up.

  • i updated the first post!

  • @moso

    just an update - google announced a "price adjust" for April 2, 2019

    by $2 for the business plan - per user and month ...

    so going from $10 for 3 users to $10 for 5 users - now $12 for 5 users minimum to get unlimited storage

    And here I thought after all this time with falling hardware prices they would LOWER their asked price ...

    greed all around me

  • Might be faster to do plot at home and upload it to google when done?

  • @zoh

    Thats what he does, as far as I understand it ...