[ANN] Goodplanets' Shared Masternodes $XMN MOTION 2

  • @goodplanets from now on payouts will be every monday.

  • cheers @goodplanets

  • @goodplanets said in [ANN] Goodplanets' Shared Masternodes $XMN MOTION 2:

    GP's will not be taking an operators fee until 100% ROI*
    the only exception to that will be for hosting costs.

    You no take any fees? Is because you send to yourself 74 shares of asset without paying them to here: BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG

    Why you steal from asset?

  • @cric It's okay that you accuse of stealing but you should look good, in that account there are 76 assets but can you tell me where is the payment of the dividends ???

    alt text

    44, BURST-Q3HW-YG7A-9SFM-BPFWX, 751.49206349
    17, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 290.34920635
    14, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 239.11111111
    10, RÁFAGA -8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 170.79365079
    10, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 170.79365079
    5, BURST-ZYQR-2B5F-SBS5-7MKBV, 85.3968254
    5, BURST-TNN3-ZP8C-5D32-ALB2X, 85.3968254
    5 , BURST-HS47-6EWV-XVDW-D4BWQ, 85.3968254
    4, BURST-9584-ME2M-TBXS-775WH, 68.31746032
    3, BURST-2RZ4-89FK-5TQX-ET3BK, 51.23809524
    3, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 51.23809524
    2, BURST-9NPV-Q5ZX-V73C-9RYSM, 34.15873016
    2, BURST-DWE9-G8BJ-8PV6-3YHSE, 34.15873016
    1, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 17.07936508
    1, BURST-CQPJ-BHDW-KXDP-98NX3, 17.07936508

  • @energy I never say dividend. I say steal not pay for the shares. He can sell to someone else and make burst. Thief is thies.

  • @cric No, stealing is when you steal something that is not yours, the shares are yours that issued them for that, if not sold is not your fault, as long as you do not sell them for more than 400 burst and as long as no dividends are paid, it is not stealing nothing, in the future many things can happen but now you are accusing him of something that is not true

  • admin

    ok - apparently I need a beer before I follow this.

    What is the basis for the accusation of stealing? and how exactly does an asset owner steal from themself ?

  • @haitch you need beer and logic. The asset owner is not same account where shares sent to. They sent to a personal account. Here is explanation, maybe you can ask some people to help explain to you.

    Asset misappropriation fraud happens when people who are entrusted to manage the assets of an organisation steal from it. Asset misappropriation fraud involves third parties or employees in an organisation who abuse their position to steal from it through fraudulent activity. It can also be known as insider fraud.

  • admin

    @cric Asset owners get income from selling their asset. If they assign and transfer some of the asset to themself, then they don't get the income from selling the asset. If I create an asset and give 99% of that asset to myself and sell the other 1%, and then payout 100% of the asset earnings proportionally - 99% of which goes to myself, and 1% to asset purchasers, where's the theft ?

  • @goodplanets Thanks for the payout!

  • cheers @goodplanets

  • @cric oh hey thanks for pointing that out.

    the shares 70 i do hold however belong to a friend of mine locally, I pay him personally he's not into BURST yet though.

    the remaining are for giveaways and promotions.

    My local friend is a mod in our discord channel though.


    just ask him i'm not taking any profit from these projects until they ROI%100 and that goes for any charity we are offering via profits, they gotta wait but I am motivated to do the right thing and service investors first so I'm preparing a method to accelerate the ROI of the projects.

    @cric thank you literally, keen eyes like yours help others see too. I appreciate that. keep at it. I wish you the best.

  • another thing @cric you can't steel from a masternode because they need the collateral intact and untransacted to operate, there fore collateral funds are not available for supply while still operating the masternode.


  • @goodplanets

    the way I see it, I'm offering a good deal for a chance to grow as a service provider in IT and cryptocurrency.

    And by growing I mean learning and making friends and sharing knowledge and growing wealthy, and if i have to pour my blood sweat and hash rate into the mix to make a good thing real then I'm game because It's worth it.

    Passive revenue can be a game changer for many people and I want to explore that avenue and shre my experiences because without masternodes and BURST and the BURST asset exchange this venture wouldn't even be possible and people are worth it, especially the burst community who've endured months of torment and disparity for trying to achieve a peaceful, fruitful and meaningful experience through cryptocurrency problem solving.

  • OK FROM 8/2 - 8/6


    It's Dividend Time!

    50 XMN Generated

    boosted by

    210 JEW
    46 VTL
    147 RVN
    94.5 ZNY
    232 XRH

    GP's Shared Masternode Asset ROI Accelerator includes:
    1 Shekel masternode
    1 Rhenium masternode
    35% shared Vertical masternode
    2 NVIDIA 1080FTW
    1 NVIDIA GTX 970 (for Raven)
    1 Ryzen CPU (for bitzeny)

    This asset recieved half of the Asset Accelerators revenue

    This asset generated all together 0.00120332 BTC between 8/2 - 8/6

    or before BURST tx fees about 685 BURST

  • Amount paid, Account, TX
    147.4, BURST-Q3HW-YG7A-9SFM-BPFWX, 8812545293052733066
    247.9, BURST-YL97-TVHB-S6BA-6Y5EG, 12055817071958761254
    56.95, BURST-82X7-3EKR-465L-B9D6V, 17312673820973424307
    46.9, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 2196382920265250956
    33.5, BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA, 11033259944938595249
    33.5, BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG, 9561232874804618386
    16.75, BURST-TNN3-ZP8C-5D32-ALB2X, 12204546331958577175
    16.75, BURST-ZYQR-2B5F-SBS5-7MKBV, 1329706040304173064
    16.75, BURST-HS47-6EWV-XVDW-D4BWQ, 10118639937789409068
    13.4, BURST-9584-ME2M-TBXS-775WH, 16812537615038514416
    10.05, BURST-2RZ4-89FK-5TQX-ET3BK, 15495286549130121837
    10.05, BURST-DJPL-Y24V-Z2MT-EPZQW, 2691460529507227190
    6.7, BURST-9NPV-Q5ZX-V73C-9RYSM, 11303289999649488792
    6.7, BURST-DWE9-G8BJ-8PV6-3YHSE, 17532049794106351793
    3.35, BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676, 7876935793750739408
    3.35, BURST-CQPJ-BHDW-KXDP-98NX3, 9692574379550370137
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • This asset is 5.24% ROI

  • Thank you once again!

  • Do you use multi-out transactions to make fees cheaper or do you force 1 burst fee per transaction bc i think the asset dividend payout thing does that lol.

  • @haitch haha... I was reading and thinking the same thing... time to break out a beer this is better than daytime tv... I know it is a little of a late reply but I just got past the last qbundle update... had to edit the registry and start over... So haven't been on in a bit... can't wait to read further. haha