The imminent Hard Fork.

  • I know I'm late getting started on this, but starting to convert my plots to PoC2... we'll see how this goes. 🙂

  • i just replotted instead 🙂

  • i have not done anything and my read time is the same. 46 sec for 109tb.
    So your telling me if i convert or replot my read time will be cut in half?
    i doint understand... pls explain to me 🙂

  • Also, i'm using same local wallet. Do i need to upgrade?

  • so how do we use the new blagominer? I clicked on the link to github and downloaded the source file.... now what lol

  • @Ambro before block height 502000 poc2 (new Dymaxion) plots will run through a conversion process making them slower on the current poc1 mining mode. Your POC1 plot doesn't need to convert is why it is normal but after height 502000 poc2 mining mode switches on and poc1 plots will run slower in conversion to poc2 network (when yours will run slower) latest wallet has been recommended. can convert from poc1 to poc2 which is faster than replotting.

  • @Bender_702 latest blago miner supports dymaxion (poc2) and allows legacy support (poc1) a way to get latest blago miner is within qbundle.

  • My local wallet is not showing corret coins, my last 2 paymentds dont show. What wallet are we supposed to bge using.

  • @ambro 2.2.1 is the latest wallet and will show any coins moved since block 500k. If you are on an outdated wallet before this, it won't show anything on the new fork. Heres the latest wallet through Qbundle if you're using Windows

  • New miners need at pool! 😉

  • @haitch said in The imminent Hard Fork.:

    With the first hard fork almost here, I figured a quick PSA couldn't hurt.

    Now the biggie: If you are pool mining, and your pool operator has not upgraded to a 2.2.x wallet, the pool is going to be broken, even if you've converted or are using an on the fly conversion miner. A list of pools that have said they'll support PoC2 is Here. If your pool is not on the list, contact your pool operator to get an idea of their plans, or look to switch to a pool that will support it.

    Can anyone tell me why the URL haitch has referenced (pool list) requires a password when I click it? Or some other options?
    Sorry guys I havent been around for a while and must have missed something?

  • admin

    @mr-x Don't know why it's now requiring a password - definitely wasn't previously. All links on the site now seem password protected.

    Pools supporting PoC2 include all the pools, the CryptoGuru pool,,

    Others please contribute to the list.

  • I have not had luck with the wallet. installed Qbundle 2.1.1 and had the java error. Once that got resolved now I wallet won't start and i get this error .

    Error: Could not find or load main class brs.Burst
    Any help will be apriciated.

  • Am I reading this right - the updated Qbundle miner will automatically convert POC1 to POC2?

  • @agabus274 , I don't think it converts but it will read poc1 files as poc2, I think it's called "on the fly conversion", not an actual conversion.

  • @agabus274 said in The imminent Hard Fork.:

    Am I reading this right - the updated Qbundle miner will automatically convert POC1 to POC2?

    Yeah check the wallet menu and under tools/plotting you can select johnnys "plot converter" and it converts one plot file at a time while you are mining. You just get an error every round for that plot file.
    I notice after the plots have been converted they no longer appear in the plot converter window when you click on them, so its pretty easy to see whats already been converted.