Bulk Purchase SAS3 HGST Enterprise (helium filled) 8TB Drives.

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    I've got a source that can provide the above drives. They are unused drives pulled from NetApp SANs. Coming from a SAN I was concerned about them being 520 Byte sector formatted which would require a time intensive low level format to use in a 'regular' PC. So I ordered one to test with - the drive was immediately recognized and formatted without issue. I've ordered another 15 to expand PW2 again ( SMH ..... )

    These are SAS3 drives, so WILL NOT work on a SATA controller, it must be a SAS2/3 HBA, and preferably SAS3 for maximum performance.

    HGST 8TB Enterprise Specs

    More Specs

    The drives are $175 including shipping to the 48 contiguous states. This is a better price than I'm getting on the White Label WD Reds. If you want them pre-plotted for your Burst address I can do that for an additional $20/drive.

    I can take payment in PayPal, Burst or other select cryptos.

    I'm looking at collecting orders, then doing bulk purchases, which I'll then redistribute. Payment would be to me before I add you to the order. If interested, PM me here, or on Discord ( https://discord.gg/2zqUerK )


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    @haitch The first order for drives is going to be going out tomorrow. If you want to get in DM me, next order will be 1 week +