|ANN| Flawless Asset(Based of real world Diamond trading).

  • Asset id:- Coming soon..
    Payout/Dividends:- After completing a trade.
    Profit chance/trade:- 95%
    Loss chance/trade:- 5%
    Experience:- 5 yrs
    Reputation:-50 yrs of Family business
    Profit%:- 5% to 20% Each Trade
    My share:- 1% on each trade(on 100k value rough/polish trade my share is 1k)
    Transparency:- All bought diamonds are shown with flawless written in pictures/videos.

    Verification:- After crossing min. 15k usd investment.
    Updates:- Regularly
    My investment:- All remaining investment to buy a lot/pointers will be covered by me.
    This week lot, Mix lot, size:-Melle (6.5 cent to 11)
    Total lot cost 29k USD.
    0_1527962157464_IMG_2001 2.JPG

    Kindly, post your reviews to make it happen no negativity please.
    Warm Regards

  • Is that you kohinoor?

  • Koh-i-Noor


  • @jaxblack what? kohinoor ? I trade -2,star,melle&pointers triple ex. cut, Colour G,H clarity (vvs to s) particular category according to demand in market.
    only brilliant cut real diamonds, NO- fancy, CVD,AD or Moissanites

  • Should I move forward or Close it?

  • interesting though, you could incorporate an escrow for investor confidence.

  • I think it's a cool idea.

    I would pick up a couple shares for sure. Let me know if you are still planning to do this :)