Whatever I do I seem to not be able to start/sync my local wallet. Any help would be appreciated

  • If anybody has information on how to help me start my local wallet I would be ever so greatful.

  • It may be useful to provide just a tiny bit more information if anyone's going to help you out here, I'm afraid. Operating system, software version, mother's maiden name, favourite type of pasta - just anything to get started with, really.

    Some kind of morsel of information about your backstory, your likes and dislikes, your personal motivation... just a bit of something extra that we can really get our teeth into.

    Anyone else with any questions which may be relevant here, feel free to fire away.

  • AS someone said above need more info.........If windows then most of it is being blocked.You can tell if you right click on a file and goto properties.
    Right Click on brs.mariadb.sql, Burstwallet.exe or the best way is right click on the zip file and unblock it that way. Also mysql

    The same for your miner program all files including.sh and .jar