I got the best Deadline but the block winner is always someone else ( since ugrade to BRS 2.0.4) now solved by workaround (read thread) or use 1.3.6cg for solo mining

  • @quibus

    Hi Quibus,

    i hit the best deadline for Block 487861

    CreepMiner says: block 487861: 00:05:25. That means 05 minutes 25 seconds but someone else won this block with 10 minutes 34 seconds.

    Here is the linke for the explorer https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/block/15102122537234840399.

    I hoped that the new setting (P2P.HallmarkProtection = off) solves the problem with solo mining on BRS 2.0.4 but i didn't.

    I am using now 1.3.6cg again. I am hoping the PoCC is testing the next new wallet for solo mining and that they can find the issue. BRS 2.0.4 is still not for solo mining. Something goes wrong on BRS 2.0.4.

    I am a bit afraid of the Dymaxion now, perhaps there is no solo mining possible from the Dymax Fork on and that would be very bad.

    And still i am a bit confused why not other solo miners write here an comment. It could help. Perhaps they all are still on 1.3.6cg ?

    So on all Solo miners please test some days so we can figure out the issue and in best case fix it before the Dymax Fork.

  • The wallet is under investigation for solomining atm yes. Hallmark is completly removed in current dev channel also it seems like rebroadcast to value is not set in config wich causes issues. However i sugest you pool mine or use 136 untill the issue is completly resoved. This so you do not miss up on more blocks.

  • @quibus

    Hi i am testing BRS 2.0.4 until tomorrow. Then i am swichting back to 1.3.6cg and waiting for the next wallet without solo mining issues. Your suggestion was good ond github they told me to set a second setting in the brs.default.

    With these settings am able to solo mine on BRS 2.0.4 :). It seems to be a workaround but now the developers are aware of this solo mining issue for the next wallet version and for the dymax fork.

    For all other Solo miners if you want to solo mine on BRS 2.0.4 the solution is:

    1. Make a text file called brs.properties

    2. copy and paste following to the brs.properties file:

    P2P.HallmarkProtection =off

    the brs.send...=10 setting is important. Without that setting i wasn't able to solo mine on BRS 2.0.4.

    For all others use 1.3.6cg Wallet until the next Wallet for stressfree solo mining.

    Now this issue for Wallet 2.0.4 is solved / you have a workaround.

  • I want to see socks5 proxy protocol option implemented in the qbundle in future for users discretion.

  • yes and to be safer solo mining 🙂

  • @burnme Ah! That makes sense. Thanks for starting this thread. Solo mining had been plugging along for me with a block won every few days, now zero blocks in the past 30 days. I had been diligent about upgrading my Qbundle and component versions a couple of days after a new release... which is perhaps not the best idea. I noticed that my miner had grabbed a deadline of 2 in the first couple of seconds of a round... but I didn't win the block. I observed that happen repeatedly and was wondering if something was either broken or the difficulty had skyrocketed--which wasn't showing up in the charts or stats.

    That's a whole month of lost BURST for me. I had even added additional capacity during this time and was about to give up on mining Burst altogether in favor of utilizing my storage elsewhere. I'm now rolling back to 1.3.6cg (Qbundle 1.3.6cg) and will hopefully start to win new blocks.

    Recommendation to community: start performing a better bare bones QA checklist before releasing. Everyone not able to help with that: delay non-critical upgrades that haven't been more widely verified.

  • @zpoch Meant Qbundle v1.9 (wallet 1.3.6cg)

  • Hi Guys i know its not the place but i badly need 1 Burst coin BURST-3WJM-PVV4-FT9F-H4FPY
    Have tried all the other channels wihout any success

  • @sorryxas said in I got the best Deadline but the block winner is always someone else ( since ugrade to BRS 2.0.4) now solved by workaround (read thread) or use 1.3.6cg for solo mining:


    That wallet address does not exist on burst explorer. We need the right address.

  • @cybermancer Thanks some send me 5 burst. So i am sorted.

  • No problem. I did not know about new wallet rule of account not showing up. I’ll bless the next guy who needs burst. I’m still learning!