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    As some of you may know, I've been testing an Odroid XU4 SBC (Single Board Computer) as a Burst miner. The XU4 is an octo-core ARM based PC running Ubuntu, and it's tiny - W*L is smaller than a 2.5" SSD . I was actually pretty surprised by how useable it is as a PC - full blown Ubuntu GUI, 1 * USB 2.0, 2 * USB 3.0, HDMI video, gigabit ethernet, multiple accessories available including wifi, cameras, touchscreen displays.

    As a miner, using creepminer it can do 2 * 8TB (Seagate Expansion, SMR, NTFS formatted) drives in 40 seconds, with an average power consumption for the PC and drives of just 21W! I'm still testing the unit out - testing EXT3 format as NTFS adds quite a lot of overhead, also going to be testing with the White Label WD Red 8TB PMR drives. Extrapolating the 2 drive NTFS times, a 64TB setup could be mined in approx 2.5 Minutes. But I expect EXT3 and PMR drives to be even faster. I'll update this post with the results of my testing as results become available.

    I also have it running as a full wallet node with PoCC Wallet 2.0.3 with a MariaDB backend.

    Based on what I've seen, I wondered if there would be interest in a turnkey mining system. This would be an Odroid + drive setup - full wallet node installed, all drives pre-plotted to the address of your choice, miner built and configured for your choice of pool or solo. Literally plug it in and you're mining.

    There are a number of compute models available, with either 16GB or 32GB of eMMC primary storage (64GB and 128GB also available), and either wired, wireless on b/g/n channels (2.4GHz) or ac/a/b/g/n (5GHz), then drive packages of 8/16/32/64TB of storage.


    1. 16GB - No Wifi - $145.00
    2. 32GB - No WiFi - $158.00
    3. 16GB - WiFi 3 (b/g/n) - $151.00
    4. 16GB - WiFi 5 (ac/a/b/g/n) - $163.00
    5. 32GB - WiFi 3 (b/g/n) - $164.00
    6. 32GB - wiFi 5 (ac/a/b/g/n) - $176.00


    a) 1 x SMR - $170
    b) 1 x PMR - $216

    c) 2 x SMR - $340
    d) 2 * PMR - $432

    e) 4 * SMR - $760
    f) 4 * PMR - $900

    US Shipping: $15 ($30 for a 64TB Model) (International shipping available, ask for rates)


    4 Port USB Hub - $20.00
    HDMI Cable(6 ft)- $6.00

    The Odroid:


  • Hey now. Sorry to take this immediately off topic, but should I be using ext3 instead of ntfs on my hard drives?

    What software do you use to plot to an ext3 drive? I was under the impression that Xplotter required ntfs in order to continue plotting where it left off.

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    @tinycoins I'm using TurboPlotter to plot the drives over SMB.

  • Hey, way fine project. Did you compile an ARM creepminer? Oh, yeah, should have read more carefully "miner built and configured." Love to hear how it's going. Hmm, gotta birthday coming up . . .

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    @kernelofrust Yep, Creepminer compiled for arm and working nicely. Have 8TB White Label WD Reds being delivered tomorrow, and a 4 bay USB chassis also on order.

    Messing with the file system builder- optimizing capacity and performance.

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    @haitch Heres a couple of pics of a 32TB miner:

    1_1524328265745_2018-04-21 11.26.57.jpg

    0_1524328265745_2018-04-21 11.27.17.jpg

  • Nice setup. How much wattage does the compute consume in this setup on its own? Just curious.

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    @cybermancer The compute side was about 6W. I'll measure the whole thing once it's fully mining.

  • @haitch said in Turnkey Mining Systems:

    Odroid XU4 SBC

    Nice. Can you give metrics on how fast storage is read by the miner based on capacity? Also, how do we purchase from you?


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    @cybermancer I'm moving 32TB of plots over to the unit right now - plot with highend Windows system then migrate over to the Odroid. Will post mining screen shots when they're complete.

    Purchase can be via US$/Burst/BTC - let me know what you want, put down a 50% deposit, then pat off the other 50% when the unit is built and ready to ship.


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