Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool U.S.A

  • An observation I have made on the pool website.

    When viewing on a mobile device, when a new block starts, it shows -1 -1 20 (sometimes 23 or 24) and then counts down to 0 (Showing "-" when it gets to single figures) and then it continues to count up properly but remains about 25 seconds behind the full web-page. The deadline is also 20 or so seconds shorter (to account for the countdown at the beginning of the block).


    Kind of bizarre, but thought I would mention it as I noticed it earlier today, and it has done it on every block I have watched on the mobile device

  • Have u tried just refreshing the page? The website does not auto refresh if u switch apps on the phone. On my phone I have to refresh every time I switch apps for a while. I checked the timing as well against POCC pool to make sure itis synced. I have seen this before as well and a refresh is usually the fix.

  • I have the window open and sit and watch it start the new block. I don't read the news when checking this, or use any other app or view other tabs, I noticed it and then sat watching it for a while (which was kind of boring). Refreshing the page (did this several times) still leaves it 20 or so seconds behind with a 20 or so second shorter deadline. Doesn't affect anything in regard to D/L times reported, just bizarrely random time thing going on.

    It does this whether connected through WiFi or mobile network

  • Slight correction to previous posts....

    D/L countdown shows as accurate to the D/L submitted, but stays about 20 or so seconds behind full web page

  • @bluebook is this just on the phone or on PC as well?
    Currently im comparing my elapsed time with POCC pools and they are the same. I have an Iphone as well and it looks fine too.

  • @cybermancer just on the mobile devices. Doesn't cause a problem, just mismatches between mobile and laptop. Tried connecting laptop to phones WiFi hotspot as well, and laptop still shows correctly. May just be and EDGE browser glitch on Win10 phone.....

  • mobiles run differently to pc's that a manual browser refresh is needed on mobiles to keep info current it saves mobile battery and especially built in android browser (yuk) maybe try opera or firefox in your mobile @Bluebook

  • @zapbuzz even refreshing the page leaves a mismatch between the mobile and laptop. Tried refreshing when it shows negative time, and it remains the same and continues to count down (or up if you prefer) from negative to zero before counting up normally. Also maintains the time difference between mobile and laptop. Doesn't affect anything in relation to submitted D/L's, just bizarrely odd that it does it

  • Needs a mobile browser friendly version perhaps a m.voiplanparty.com could be formulated in future I mean, many websites do it simply different platforms πŸ™‚

  • @tinycoins bugger, it looks like the drive is failing, luckly it was an old drive i had laying around

  • @harold_257 I have also said a sad goodbye to my two oldest, crappiest hard drives during this transition period.

  • The pool found a block and did a multi-out payment with tx fee 0.01, but it will take a while for the payment to show up in your accounts. For verification visit https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/transaction/9008082655057201013

    Would like to know how long it take to process this transaction. Anyone have an idea?

  • Payments are coming through from the pool using the new Multi-Out payment. This is GREAT NEWS, and means that lower payments are received without having to wait. There is only one downside, which is that they do not show on the incoming transactions list, so if you are looking for them, you will have to dig around on the pool account on the blockchain to see them - https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/account/357805355326612814 .

  • It will eventually hit your walet. The problem is that the lower the fee the longer it takes for the transaction to clear just like bitcoin. I have raised the fee to 0.1 and changed minimum payout to 10 for now. It has been almost 24 hours for the first 0.01 multi-out tx. Let’s see how long it really takes and then make a decision on what the tx fee should be for the pool.

  • Sorry, perhaps i should clarify a little....

    The payment has been received (plus a subsequent payout from a second block).

    The block it was included in appears to have been processed quite quickly (Block number is 506422) - https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/block/14145632577362751158 . This appears to have happened approximately 10-12 minutes after it was submitted.

    The payment HAS been received in the wallet without issues.

    The problem is, that if you just look at your wallet, or view your account on the Blockchain, IT DOES NOT SHOW IT AS AN INCOMING TRANSACTION AT ALL, but it is there. The only way to see how much you have received is to use the link from my previous post and view the payment details on the source account for the mining pool.

    Hope that clarifies things.

    The second payout appears to have been submitted at 13:02 (UK time) and was included in Block 506635 at approximately 13:07 (UK time), which has also appeared in the wallet, but does not show in incoming trasaction on the Blockchain or in the Wallet

  • O I see. So 0.01 fee was fine. I did see my wallet balance go up. Looks like the wallet software is still missing the multi-out incoming display features. Might be in the next update.

  • @cybermancer hopefully so, as those who don't keep a regular check on their wallets will think they aren't getting the rewards. As you said, the fee is looking fine, and the lower payout threshold is working well, as I received a 13BURST payment from the last block with no issues 🀩

  • Changed the tx fee back to 0.01 and minimum payout to 1 burst.
    Happy mining and enjoy the low tx fees.

  • Sweet, will keep an eye on things and report any issues in here

  • @bluebook thanks for the help.