Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool U.S.A

  • @cybermancer The pool seems to be running fine now but I just. can't. win any blocks right now! My hard drives are all useless lumps of evil and I hate them. Don't think that's anything you can help me with though, I'll just sit here and quietly seethe.

  • It’s all random. With my 60tb I’ve hit a block about every 7 days. Sometimes I hit sooner. Ether way it all works out in the end. That’s why being part of the pool is a lot more fun working part of a team.

  • anyone know what the transaction fee is now since POC2 implementation. I'm trying to see if I can change it lower then 1 burst for transaction fee on my pool. Any thoughts?

  • @cybermancer you have to manuly change it to less than 1 burst ... im sending at 0.075 per @HiDevin recomendation so far no issues

  • @gibsalot thanks. I'll update the pool in a few minutes to charge only .0075

  • Nope the current pool software does not support it. I set txfee to 000750000 which should be equal to 0.0075, but it became 0.00249856 on the website. I reported the issue to github and reverted the pool back to 1 burst for txfee until the issue is fixed by the devs.

  • @cybermancer

    I'm thinking the txfee has to be set to a minimum of 00735000 which would equal 0.00735000. You have an extra 0 in front which would be read as 0.00073500

  • I was recommended to set the tx fee to 0.01 by devs to make sure block chain still registers the transaction fast enough. TX fee is now set to 0.01 for the pool.

  • Multi-Out payments have been enabled on the pool. If there are any issues with this upgrade I will provide compensation to the miners as needed. Enjoy.

  • @tinycoins ive noticed since the upgrade one of my hard-drives drops out

    i'm hoping its not a hard-drive issue

  • @harold_257 I hope that too, Harold.

  • I just got the 8TB drive in the mail to add to the pool. Plotting time!

  • @cybermancer yay, more capacity for the pool. Hoping to add another 4tb myself in the next couple of months

  • An observation I have made on the pool website.

    When viewing on a mobile device, when a new block starts, it shows -1 -1 20 (sometimes 23 or 24) and then counts down to 0 (Showing "-" when it gets to single figures) and then it continues to count up properly but remains about 25 seconds behind the full web-page. The deadline is also 20 or so seconds shorter (to account for the countdown at the beginning of the block).


    Kind of bizarre, but thought I would mention it as I noticed it earlier today, and it has done it on every block I have watched on the mobile device

  • Have u tried just refreshing the page? The website does not auto refresh if u switch apps on the phone. On my phone I have to refresh every time I switch apps for a while. I checked the timing as well against POCC pool to make sure itis synced. I have seen this before as well and a refresh is usually the fix.

  • I have the window open and sit and watch it start the new block. I don't read the news when checking this, or use any other app or view other tabs, I noticed it and then sat watching it for a while (which was kind of boring). Refreshing the page (did this several times) still leaves it 20 or so seconds behind with a 20 or so second shorter deadline. Doesn't affect anything in regard to D/L times reported, just bizarrely random time thing going on.

    It does this whether connected through WiFi or mobile network

  • Slight correction to previous posts....

    D/L countdown shows as accurate to the D/L submitted, but stays about 20 or so seconds behind full web page

  • @bluebook is this just on the phone or on PC as well?
    Currently im comparing my elapsed time with POCC pools and they are the same. I have an Iphone as well and it looks fine too.

  • @cybermancer just on the mobile devices. Doesn't cause a problem, just mismatches between mobile and laptop. Tried connecting laptop to phones WiFi hotspot as well, and laptop still shows correctly. May just be and EDGE browser glitch on Win10 phone.....

  • mobiles run differently to pc's that a manual browser refresh is needed on mobiles to keep info current it saves mobile battery and especially built in android browser (yuk) maybe try opera or firefox in your mobile @Bluebook