Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool U.S.A

  • Just stood up a brand new pool at voiplanparty.com if any miners are interested to join located in the US.


    • 0-100 share reward setup
    • Minimum payout is 1 Burst (good for beginner miners)
    • Pool fee is 0.25%
    • Recipient: BURST-MBCG-4ERH-FVH5-2GTXB
    • Website URL: voiplanparty.com
    • Mining URL: voiplanparty.com (port:8124)
    • Deadline: 31536000
    • miner tx fee 0.00735
    • custom payout fee is 0
    • Improvements to the pool will be made based on miner feedback.
    • Discord Server invite https://discord.gg/YxUGA4T

    If you have any questions send me a pm or just reply here. Miners of all sizes are welcome.


    VoIP LAN Party name came from a domain setup for online PC gamer servers playing everything from Unreal Tearnement to Minecraft started by a bunch of friends to hang out together online and at physical location hosting real LAN parties. This spirit of welcoming community is still alive in the BURST community, pool's Discord Server and forums. This pool has one of the lowest fees on the internet and a supporting community that is willing to help any miner to get started and have a good time online. Come join the LAN Party! 🙂

    Setup Instructions for Qbundle:

    Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6v8cyeamwgv9il9/AACyReksjIfjneP8LMpXjWMJa?dl=0

    1. for new miners go to https://faucet.burstpay.net/ and get your first coin.
    2. plot your hard drives using the builtin plotter or TuboPlotter 9000 (recommended, just set nounces to auto and go) https://blackpawn.com/tp/
    3. set recipient like this alt text
    4. Wait 20 minutes and get a coffee. It takes 4 blocks for the new recipient assignment to take effect.
    5. set your miner like this and add plot files. Start mining!alt text

    Thank you,

  • updated to CG pool software for ease of use.

  • @cybermancer ,

    Love your front end.

    Suggestion: How about displaying the net diff instead of or in addition to the base target, and a display of the estimated pool size?

    Keep up the good work.

  • @rds I'll have to dig in the website code and add it. Might take me a while.


  • @cybermancer , cool, just a thought. So you did not design the front end? First pool I saw with that look.

  • @rds correct i did not design it. I’m using theCryptoGurus fork open source one from github.

  • @cybermancer , ahh ok, very nice

  • Changed deadline to 31536000 to prevent too many queries to the server.

  • Your historic share is now kept for 360 rounds. It was 10.

  • Thanks everyone who is helping us in getting our first block. We are excited to see your pool hit the first block. Keep it coming!

  • Updated main post with the Anti-Pool Hopping Protection (miners inactive for 10 blocks get removed from the list and have to restart) protects small miners from big miners jumping between pools and taking most of the burst coins if a block is found while they are in a different pool.

  • We just hit our first block and my rig forged the block with 185 deadline. So excited!!!! Thank you to those who are helping us mine (you will get fairly paid based on your contributed shares). I took a picture too and will post soon.

  • Photo as promised!

    0_1523273023077_2018-04-09 01.07.29.jpg

  • Payouts made. Pool software works great!

  • Check out my deadline

  • @cybermancer said in Voiplanparty.com 0-100 Pool U.S.A:

    Updated main post with the Anti-Pool Hopping Protection (miners inactive for 10 blocks get removed from the list and have to restart) protects small miners from big miners jumping between pools and taking most of the burst coins if a block is found while they are in a different pool.

    So it was your first block won and you saw the sticker shock when half of the reward went to miners that were not present. It happens, get over it. Those miners did half the work over the last 360 blocks, they deserve half the reward. You can't protect small miners, they will get what they deserve, regardless.

    So if a miner's rig goes down for 10 blocks or more you wipe out the credit they did for his work over the last day? Not cool. Regardless of whether the miner is present for the block win or not, he did the work and should get his fair share. Your policy will not promote participant growth with someone trying out different pools to see what's best for them. Just my thoughts.

  • @rds Not sure if I’m right or wrong on this since I’m new to being a pool owner. So I’m definitely open to suggestions to making it a good pool. Though just for info the 10 block limit only removed the miners that pool hopped from the list of miners but still paid them their fair share. See pictures above of the pool wallet. As for pool hooping should I change it back to show 360 block since it does not matter anyways?

  • After doing a bit more research into the software code I found out that display inactive miner limit of 10 blocks only effects the on what is shown on the website, so I changed it back to 360 to match mining share history. That setting does not erase any miner history in the database at all. The pool is hard coded to keep miners data including pending bursts for 5000 blocks even if your shares go back down to 0 after 360 historical deadline. Very well designed pool mining software. @rds thanks for the proper reprimand and advise. And yes I think it would be cool if the dashboard could add up all the effective storage from each miner and display it on top as one sum number to have a grasp of how much storage power it has. U could predict how often the pool will hit a block that way if u put it in a mining calculator. Or better yet display how often the pool would find a block based on that math in the code automatically added n the dashboard as an predicted estimation. Thoughts?

  • @cybermancer , my impression was you changed it after you saw the payout. I see from your next post the pool is coded to provide a fair shake to all who worked for their individual times. Glad to see you changed your OP about pool hopping. Hoppers are like migrant workers, they come in help out and move on.