Newbie question

  • Does someone need to give me a coin first before I can start mining? I feel like I have done everything that I was supposed to and I still can't figure this out. I see a lot of folks asking for a coin. Is that what I am missing?

  • Yeah, you need to use a coin to set your reward assignment at [wallet address]/rewardassignment.html. The reward assignment refers to the pool you choose to mine on.

    Post your burst address here and somebody will send you one to get started.

  • Thank you tinycoin, its appreciated, I have buzzed around the net looking up tutorials but I am so green to this stuff. It is quickly becoming a fun hobby I want to learn more about along with the hardware. My background is the total opposite (horticulture) so this is fun but frustrating.

  • Sent you some to get started.

    Before choosing a pool, do some research. Look on its info page to see the minimum accepted deadline - the amount of capacity you're using will affect the average deadline length you're getting, and if you pick a pool for bigger miners, you'll find you get nothing most of the time.

    How many TB will you have to start off with? One of the 0-100 pools is a good starting point, or @MrWho's burstneon pool always gets recommended for smaller miners.

  • I am only working with 1 TB at the moment, I am currently in fastpool but I am such a green horn at this I am not sure that is a good spot for me. That being said, I am up and running now, which THANK YOU FOLKS! I was going to grab an 8 TB seagate and let the program run on that now.

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