I'm going "read only" on this forum unreliable connections

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    @jaxblack Yep - when a block starts, the traffic is maxing out the link, which is only 1/20th of what I was told it was going to be

  • @rds yeah I feel ya. Been having issues with these forums for months now.

    @haitch I appreciate all your effort but I can't even post updates for my asset on these forums anymore, 9/10 times I can't even load up the site. When I do it takes ages to post a reply to any thread. Literally the slowest site I have been on in a loonngg time.

    PS Even writing this reply, took me 4 separate tries, getting the lost connection error every time.

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    @eq I was lied to about the connection - a call to customer service verified that - I'm moving over to a different ISP offering what I thought I had. Please me for the next week and then I will have the proper bandwidth.