Top Of Line Hardware Sale ** Must Go**

  • Me and a couple of my college friends decided to get into mining one year and we ended up doing pretty good for ourselves, long story short. Anyway I have some hardware that I am selling and I am willing to take some offers. I am even willing to give it to the lowest REASONABLE offer because I have done so well for myself I want someone else of team of people to have the same that I did. I don't know if it still works but 4x20 method gambling will make you 10000s more than mining. I would like to sell all or most together because I have been holding on to it for almost 7 months unused......used for about the same or a little more
    Here is what I have.....

    **Nvidia GeForce 1080 (I have two its all Nvidia lets you make in one order)
    **Gtech GDrive external 8Tb
    **Glyph Studio RAID Thunderbolt 2 (2x)
    ** Will accept any major cryptocurrency (open to a few)

    **I will include shipping in the price we negotiate

    Willing to give phone number and send pics, talk, verify real

  • Could you share approximate prices? Including shipping to Asia(India)?

  • what country u in? @davidturner