Direct Talks With Western Digital

  • Hello, I managed to score a phone call with the Director of Channel Sales in America for Western Digital. We speak tomorrow at 10AM. This is to get acquainted and setup a face to face with an account manager in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I will figure out pricing, minimum order and post here after I have a face to face with them. This will happen more than likely next week if our conversation goes well tomorrow.

    I can ship drives if the cost works out for anyone on the forum. Also if you are local you may be in luck if you are looking to purchase bulk drives.

    I'll have more information tomorrow and will keep everyone posted.

    Thank you,


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    @cryptojam Great score - keep us informed !

  • Awesome!

  • that's cool 🙂

  • Had a good conversation with:

    Dave Elledge
    Director of Channel Sales - Americas

    He was very interested to hear about our coin and asked many questions about how it worked. He was intrigued to say the least.

    He said he needed to get an idea of what devices we are looking for. i explained we needed the most TB per dollar and preferably 7200 RPM drives that we can RMA. Both internal and external.

    He said to send some part numbers his way of drives we may be interested in and explained he can send me any info on promotional deals and also if we want to pool together to purchase a bulk lot to let him know what part number we are interested in.

    Really nice, clear spoken man.

    No face to face with a rep because he needs to get an idea of what we need. If anyone can chime in, that would be great. Will start to do my research as well.

    Also, he mention that he worked for SanDisK but his company was recently acquired by western digital so he now works for them.

    At the very least this was a great person to spread the word about Burstcoin. I'm sure it will go down the chain and many more staff members from WD will be taking a look at our coin.

    He also asked if we go to any events to promote the coin. I said none that I know of at the moment. I know there is a Blockchain conference here in America. Thinking about purchasing a booth and spreading the word now that he mentioned it.

    Anyway, send some part numbers my way if you like and if you are interested in bulk drives I can help get us pricing.

    Thank you,


  • I run booths at conferences for a living. I know how to save a metric TON of cash if you decide to do a booth. I guess the 8TB SMR drives would be a good quote to get even though I hate those drives.

  • @cryptojam You should asked him if he'd be interested in selling hard drives that have in some way been preplotted with Burst plots? Or maybe we incorporate a referral program into Burst and every hard drive sold could come with sign up instructions for how to install Busy and plot your drive? Or it even just comes with the Burst wallet installed on it?

    Or might not even need the sign up instructions.. customers would probably appreciate having instructions bundled along with their drive that help them make a few bucks on the side.

    Maybe even add a sticker that to the outsider of the box that promotes it as a feature that makes their drive cheaper, kind of like a rebate.

    This could be huge for Burst!!

  • WD 8TB Red: WD80EFZX
    WD 10TB Red: WD100EFAX

  • @cryptojam great work man. Please don't forget European Union. Can you please ask that WD guy is there any Official Europe Representative of WD?

    I'm intrested too with WD Hdd's purchase. Twice this year i have bought this hdd's:

    On Black Friday the price was 120$, but they were out of stock so quickly. Very nice offer indeed.
    If the price is something like this i can get 15, 20 or even more.
    The problem is delivery to Europe and custom taxes. That's why i am asking for Europe Representative of WD.


  • Would be nice if cheap drives could be shipped to Asia too.... 😞

  • Hey
    I'm not from the US so this is more theoretical input
    I don't think there is much to expect from this, but I think the main pain points is simply price/TB, warranty length and that USB drives offer better value than internal drives.

    It would be really cool if we could buy cheap internal drives directly with BURST. That would make a lot of sense. I hate dealing with USB drives, too much clutter.

  • any updates? 🙂

  • @scubafossil said in Direct Talks With Western Digital:

    WD 8TB Red: WD80EFZX
    WD 10TB Red: WD100EFAX

    Just replied with these part numbers. Also asked to send reps to the site to sign up and get an idea about us. Hopefully they'll make a post and introduce themselves.

  • I'm interested ...

  • i am also.

  • I'd be interested for an inexpensive deal, for sure.