Searching for somebody to interview about bitcoin (for my graduation work)

  • Hey there,
    for my graduation work I have choosen the topic bitcoin and if it will survive. Therefore I would love to make an interview with someone who brings a lot of knowledge with him/her and is up to date with the topic.

    The best would be if

    • you had some experience with bitcoin

    *maybe own some or traded some.

    • You should know how the blockchain works

    • be able to give detailed answers to questions about your thoughts on its future etc.

    If any of the admins would be willing to be interviewed I would take the offer immediately but since they are probably busy a lot I dont expect one of them to find time.

    The Interview would take maybe 15 - 30 minutes max, prefferably on skype but I can download other things if you prefer different services.
    (Btw, yes I will mention burstcoin in my work but not write a big section more like talk about why coins like this would be perfect for consumers in some aspects)

    Would be great to have someonewho who would be willing to take the time for that, thanks!

  • admin

    @theoneandonely I'm not an expert on the coin, the devs would be able to give more insight to the technical side, but I'd be willing to talk to you.

  • @haitch Wow, that would be awesome! PM'ed you (: