Anyone tried Minergate?

  • @rattle99 said in Anyone tried Minergate?:

    Actually I just calculated the feasibility of their monero cloud mining contracts. The return comes to about 300 days.

    Do you guys think it's worth it?

    What do you guys think about this?

  • Skimming the hashpower and using their miner over a possibly better standalone miner is somewhat offset by the fact their miner will auto switch between the best coin to mine every hour. That has to be worth something.

  • I tried it for a month the current most profitable coin is monero in their system, I would use a standalone miner they take a little more time to set up, but are far more profitable.

  • @tminer0315 , define far more. 5%, 10%, 100%. If onero becomes less profitable, will you know about it in a timely manner? Will it be easy to switch to the more profitable coin. If that last for 24 hours will you recognize that in a timely manner? Will you be willing to go through the hassle of switching again? Rinse, wash, repeat. I think the auto switch is huge, worth 10% at least.

  • @rds If I remember correctly, while on minergate (note i am a small part-time miner if you will) my cpu I would get about 110 h/s and my gpu would get about 210 to 220 h/s. Currently using the standalone miner I get about 180 h/s on my cpu and 250 h/s on my gpu. So for a small miner like me this makes a big difference.

  • I like it honestly. No doubt the worst part is the minimum withdrawal, and the high fees. But most people are willing to give up an extra 1% for the ease of use.

    Convenience has a cost friends.

  • @eq they undercut ur hashrate by a lot, more than 30% lol, hope you don't use them 😞

  • Used them and yes they "stole" my hashrate. Decided to setup my own cpu miner.

  • @vprf , care to share the details on how to setup? I tried Mining pool hub using AwesomeMiner. after 3 hours of putzing around still no connection. I loaded Winminer and turned it on. Looks like the perfect replacement for nicehash but it is running in idle as they are currently not accepting new miners because of the nicehash overload.

  • @rds winminer turns into like pixelated confetti for me when i open it, what do you mean by no connection?

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  • @HiDevin, Winminer is running on 4 of my machines right now waiting in line to join up. I had zero problems loading it up. Easiest so far, easier than NiceHash. Although, as I said, it's not really doing anything, but looks ready to go.
    Here is a pic of one of them.


  • @rds One of the easiest ones that I ran across was to get an address. Put the address in here. Start mining. I have my cpu setup using the config for cpu on the same website under "Configurator" tab. Of course I trade them all for Burst ; ) I am in no way affiliated with the site or coin just sharing what I do.