NiceHash hacked

  • @rds its possible to create essentuly a papper wallet for burst but requiers some initial pre set up to be sure there are no digital traces left.

  • @gibsalot , Not sure how that works. I never saw any documentation on how a Burst address is generated.

    That being said, BTC and ETH are well documented as to how to create paper without any online presence.

    Each has a private key format which is just a 64 digit hex number. The algorithm to generate an address is well documented for both. I even wrote a little stand alone Python program to generate ETH and BTC addresses from a random 64 digit hex number. I don't use it anymore because I like the 18 word BIP44, multi coin address generator as seen on Coinomi recovery site.

    Burst needs more transparency for their technicals.

  • @rds to get as close as you can to a paper wallet with burst you will need preferbly a computer with a fresh OS install, setup trusted security, and run get a local wallet running , then write out your pass phrase on paper and type it into local wallet no copy paste. activate that wallet address, write down its address . then logg out and wipe the comp clean agin to erase all digital trace of the pass phrase ... then all you need to do is send burst or assets to that address and keep the writen passphrase ( paper wallet ) safe. and basicly never logg into it . unless you go throu the same process when logging in to eliminate any digital trace when you logg in then just burn that address and create another one. what sucks is you cant do a hardware wallet for burst because of the way its setup ... essentuly your public key is the address , but the private key is not a wallet.dat file like other coins burst private key is the passphrase.

  • @gibsalot , thanks for the explanation, it is close but not true paper.

    As an aside, this looks like the address that received the NiceHash hack.


    First transaction was 7 minutes after midnight for .01 BTC, then 10 minutes later, 4600 BTC then 3 or 4 transactions over the next 16 hours scraping any dribbling coin.

  • @rds yea not a true paper wallet but as close as you can git with burst.

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  • @rds said in NiceHash hacked:

    @haitch , don't know the details but you're right, I never keep too much in any online wallet, I use paper for the bulk of my crypto holdings. I would like to see a paper scheme for Burst as well.

    I second the that motion for Burst......!!!!!!

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    @haitch ,

    I just read a comment on discord the hack was 4700 BTC. About $100 USD was mine. 🙂


  • @rds Luckily I have just lost 37$.Work of one procesor for 2 weeks...pitty but not tragic.I wonder if they repay us back at some point.

  • @ip85 ,

    From what I read the hack may be actual NiceHash personal accounts. I never setup a personal account with them and specify a Jaxx wallet address for my earnings. So maybe their IOU for my upcoming payout will be honored? We'll see. A few weeks of CPU/GPU mining lost, worst case. At least my equipment is 10 degrees cooler now.

  • @rds i did not had account with them.Just coinomi wallet set up for payout every couple of weeks.I used one of my xeons to do some work.Well i will try to set up monero not thru NH.It was just an addition for zec operation anyway.

  • never used an internal wallet with them, fees too high, but I would still mine there, still kid-friendly than everyone else,

    WinMiner is just a piece of crap. tbh, I turn it on and my computer turns into a pixelated confetti

  • @gibsalot @rds just liked to add to what gibs said that you can even get the address and activate the wallet if you are offline, you just have to had fully synced your chain previously to this... This makes possible to not use any password when you are online, increasing your security by hundreds...

    A paper wallet system is perfectly possible and an hardware one is provably possible too even if there is no wallet.dat file... The wallet.dat file is mostly used for recoverys and that is the part where Burst fails a bit because there is no way of recovering your wallets by any chance (except bruteforcing obviously xP)

  • @rds same

  • Yeah im out about .0099x btc, as I was just about to be paid out :-\ Not a lot of BTC, but I only use 1 GPU, for ETH mining on there, so it takes a while. It is a shame :-\

  • @tomahawkeer try ethermine, usually pays out to balances over 0.01 eth every sunday regardless of payout threshold. ( new implement )

    Or you can mine at MiningPoolHub and configure awesome miner there 🙂