The PoCC Wallet Guide

  • Great guide, simple and straight to the point.

  • 1.3.6cg seems to be pretty snappy once it's updated. I am having an issue with "Recent Transactions" being empty. Not sure why it is doing that, but it's a bummer.

  • I tell you I absolutely am beside myself with Burst. I leave for a bit to do other projects I come back all my assets have been moved around where I can't get anybody to respond on doing whatever I need to do to get the dividends started again, theres always some theft going on, and I try to do something basic like OPEN the wallet and it won't even do that. There are no instructions really and for a plain joe person to get involved with Burst they would leave in a heart beat because unless you majored in computer science you'll end up throwing your laptop against the wall because you can't even access the money you invested before some "change" its ridiculous

  • @silverslonny, I'm using 1.2.9 for about a year. No issues. If my current system starts to get buggy, I would try this.

  • need to know how to turn on gpu for blockchain db and if it can be assigned to specific opencl gpu address for example: device=0 or device=1

  • @crutsy said in The PoCC Wallet Guide:

    Best Wallet by far. Love the 1.3.6cg for windows and I love how it auto updates.

    May be a little dumb question, but can my Windows wallet serve as online wallet from external Internet (with some port forwarding, of course)?

  • @rabinovitch Thats a good question, I would think so but honestly I'm not sure how. Also I could see there being a security issue.

  • @rabinovitch Yes, Just make sure your config is ok and you can open up for public use. This is what onlinewallets do.

  • @rabinovitch yes you can... That's a online wallet. Unfornatelly I cannot tell you what to do but I think you would need to open the port on your router... by default its port 8125...

    Although @haitch or anyone hosting a online wallet can tell you better what you need to do... 😉

  • @rabinovitch said in The PoCC Wallet Guide:

    May be a little dumb question, but can my Windows wallet serve as online wallet from external Internet (with some port forwarding, of course)?

    You need to change or add the following line in nxt.conf:

    nxt.allowedBotHosts=; localhost; [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1];;

    The first 3 entries are for access from localhost, the fourth is an example for a machine on your LAN (

    In order to get into your LAN from the outside, you have to know your external IP address. If you don't have a static IP (usually only costlier business carriers have that) you need to have a dynamic dns entry, look up for an example.

    Then you need to either

    • expose the 8125 port to the outside with a simple port forwarding on your router AND add as the fourth entry in
    • or set up a little VPN in your internet router and your mobile workstation, so that your mobile acquires an additional ip from your home LAN and can talk to the wallet "locally" through the VPN. Much preferred - no others can tamper with your node this way.