B3 Fundamental Node Asset.

  • ya , i like that idea but something seems not right....

    plus https://coinsmarkets.com is all fucked up at the moment....

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    @jaxblack yeah, it keeps CF erroring on me


  • It's not about KB3 or B3. The thing was that previously B3 (and later changed to KB3) was only sold at coinsmarket. Coinsmarket allows for prices up to 0.1 satoshi. And that was also the actual price of B3 at the time. 0.1satoshi. When KB3 was introduced (b3x1000) the price has moved up a bit, and Kb3 was worth 250satoshi's. or 0.25satoshi's in normal B3 numbers.

    Thing is, Coinexchange doesn't allows for priced down to 0.1... 1 sat is the minimum. So if anyone wants to buy/sell on CE, the price would be 4 times as large as on coinsmarket already despite it's value actually being estimated at the .25sats. and that's exactly what happened once B3 opened on coinexchange. a major price-increase as people who have never heard of coinsmarket could buy again at CE for 1 sat/piece. That wall collapsed, and it went on to 2 sats. Bringing some eyes on the coin as B3 went to be #2 coin in volume in CE, and still is.
    Never underestimate the power of dumb people, in large numbers.
    The price even went as far as 5 sats. But once the large b3 holders got wind of it, B3 was sent to the exchange and the price was quickly brought down to 1sat buys & 2 sat sels. as it sits at right now.

    With 400BTC in sell-orders at 2satoshi's.
    Still, a major increase that we're able to sell B3 at 1-2 sats now instead of .25
    And since B3 has a HUGE trading volume, who knows where it might end up.

    EDIT: side info, the B3 rebrand will be in 2days( 09/01). That might bring some attention as well


  • @keyd0s

    This is yobit- currently, does this make sense to you?


  • @jaxblack No it doesn't. but it's a speculation market there now as there can't be any B3 coming in or out of yobit as the wallet is forked. To me it looks like It's a game of dare to see how high it will go. a Pump&dump where no outside forces can intervene. Just a fun little game

    B3 tweets about exchanges :


    (look through the lambo-memes. The community is.. interesting :) )

  • @haitch can we get an update?

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    @crutsy Asset current balance is 6,781 kB3, and is continuing to stake and earn from the FN. The kB3 price is still awful, so I'm just going to continue staking in the hope we see some improvements in the price.

  • like all coins, get in early before they mature and reap the rewards!

  • @haitch i see this coin still hasn't gone anywhere but down, is there even a dev team on the kb3 coin anymore? have you heard anything h?

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    @jaxblack There seems to be a lot of activity in their Discord, but yeah - the coin isn't going anywhere at the moment. Then again, neither was Burst for the longest time.