Whats with the negative response??

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    @tylerk07 The AIO can do click and go - but manually managing it is more effective, and gives a better understanding of the process.

  • @haitch Awesome thanks! I'll be more active in the community again now that I have a machine (almost) ready to mine - I miss Burst 😞 I had a bit of a break...

  • So I guess it's fair to say that you guys feel that the huge dip in price is nothing to worry abou? Because honestly, I'm worried...

  • @selobde Huge dip in price is primarily to do with BTC pretty much doubling in price in a relatively short time. Look at every other alt coin. Eth and Dash are both half price of what they were a short time ago. Not to say that Burst hasn't had a declination on its own as well, because it has. But don't be fooled by the impact of BTC going up in price.

  • @Halogen i thought it was because segwit x2 gave us a nah, and people were like buy more btc for free money for hard fork lol

  • @HiDevin With segwitx2 cancelled I expect a noticeable drop in BTC price so I'm going to try and take advantage if I can for the Asset pick up a little bit of ETH and DASH and sell later.

  • @Halogen So what are you thinking in terms of Burstcoin value? If BTC continues to increase will Burst stay as it is or maybe not?

  • @tylerk07 Alts are for the most part pegged to USD just like BTC is pegged to USD. When BTC changes in price(for instance upwards), the markets fluctuate in sales to keep Alts consistent with their $ rating which causes their value in BTC to drop. If BTC drops Burst will rise. If BTC rise Burst will drop.

  • Burst took around a 40% drop in value shortly after the big network attack several months ago and never fully recovered from that , personaly i did not think it would simply because when it happened burst was already coming down from a vary big push upwards and needed to correct anyways , it setteled lower than i thought it would but that could be acounted for when you factor in the attack. in the 3 months sense then yes the price in BTC value has halfed agin but thats because BTC dubbled in price ... the value of Burst in USD has been fairly stable for the last 3 months floating around 6$ - 7$ per 1K burst

  • @Halogen So all we need is for burst to suffer an awful crash (insert devil emoji here)