Proof who is behind the DDOS

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    @darindarin They seem to be my biggest fans .... 😃

  • @crutsy Maybe it is about Bram Cohen poc coin.But I havent seen any update on that for a good few months now.

  • @tross said in Proof who is behind the DDOS:

    @Burstde I would just block the whole country! You can white list a miner!

    Great idea

  • I'm new to Burst, and am really excited about what this can become, but when I read a string like this I begin to wonder what I've gotten myself into. When I first got in, I was over at BN, until I read some very distasteful stuff, and saw an even more disturbing video. So, I came over here to see what the vibe was like, and initially, it was good. But now I read immature stuff like this and a start to get those same old feelings. Look, I don't know the history of the feud, and quite frankly, I don't want to know it. What I do care about is whether or not this feud will lead to the downfall of something I have come to really believe do most of you. So I would like all parties involved to swallow some of their own individual bullshit and figure out how to get along well enough to let this phenomenal coin be all that it can be. I think it's time to stop the High School bickering and put on your big boy (and girl, if applicable) undies and let's all try to make a shit load of money!

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    @selobde There is no "feud" per se - they at BN talk crap about me and these "shit forums", and occasionally I'll respond here to their more egregious BS, but mostly I ignore it. The people here know how it is over there. But basically it comes down to the would be Nazi's of Burst attacking me over untrue BS - or for a more modern comparison, North Korea vs New Zealand. You'll find here a community of people who care about Burst, occasionally get into spats, but don't have to worry about being censored - unless you really offend my sensibilities, and that's not easy. Free and robust discussion, co-operation, analytical discussion - that all happens here.

    Stick around and I think you'll find it's a very different community from BN.

  • @haitch That is what I'm counting on!!

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    @selobde Feel free to browse though existing threads, and threads and posts to come - you'll find a very different vibe here.

  • @haitch @selobde I like the vibe a heck of a lot here more than BN!

  • BN sucks and they only want to promote them self so they can make money.
    burst-team is much more for the people / community and Burst it self.

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    @tminer0315 @Zohtar Personally I don't give a damn about what what Mr Taco and Fuckus have to say, they can abuse me all they like - I'll just carry on doing what ever I can that's best for the coin. The community here seems to back my position. The hate and fury can exist over there .......

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  • I would run under attack for 10 or 15 maybe even 30. My miner couldnt mine during this time but others can. set the penalty to 24 hours,
    then set it on high for a while then to medium . What helped me I also had a second security system I could flip flop. It would make them change ways they attack. Bad guys need to sleep too. sometimes all this would shake them off and other times not.

  • I asked Blago a couple months ago on what a miner sends to the pool.


    every 1 second miner send getMiningInfo to the pool.
    When miner found deadline - sending "submitNonce" request and pool start to check this deadline. Pool make small plot for user's accont & nonce and then check deadline for current scoop

    So, if you have 500 users and every user sending 4 deadlines - pool will plotting 2000 nonces.

    To mess up a pool all you need to do is send the same info the miner sends. There are other tricks like targeting miners at the pool but thats a guess. They fool rate limiters cause they use many ip's. Cloudflare catches them sometimes.

    I would think the code for the pools need to be made to only except mining info to a miner registered to pool. Thus comparing his ip and miner ID.

    Quick fix for cloudflare is to ban a whole country and white list miner ip. But if they have a dynamic address then could do 1 or things.

    Miner could use vpn and ip from other country or buy namecheap domain setup dydns download client give domain name to pool operator.
    To white list miners only domain names or static ips work.

    Why dont we just stop messing with other peoples pools. How does this help the coin? I closed my pool not because I cant block this trash its because I am tired.

    Something else that wonders me.

    example only (I could of used any pool)

    POOL.BURSTCOIN.RO wins 30 block and Renegade pool wins 10 now lets do some math.

    1423 x 30 = 42690 42690 / 1354 =31 burst per miner (block reward x blocks won total / miners)

    1423 x 10 = 14230 14230 / 150 = 94 burst

    Ok that figures a Communist pool where reward is equal but shows RO pools has to win 90 blocks to pay all the mines what
    renegade used to pay.

    In a real pool environment the block wins of both pools may receive the same reward but one pool distributes the rest to smaller amount of miners and that makes the difference.

    Big is not always better!

  • @tross Excuse me for saying this , but that is a rubbish bit of misleading maths 😉

    1. You can't use the number of Registered mines as actual number mining will be a lot lower.

    2. You have taken no account of the Total PB Mining, which is far more relevant than the number of Miners.

    Bottom line is that we all know that in the long run all that matters in terms of reward is how many TB you are mining with.


  • @RichBC lol you are kidding me

  • I am just saying a small pool has less miners to split a block reward. The large pool has more. so they must win more blocks

    thats what my math show.

  • @tross But large pools will win more blocks beacuse they have more miners=more TB.

  • @tross

    If the big pool has a lot of 1TB miners. and the small pool has a lot of 10TB miners. then it makes sense that the small pool miners have higer rewards / user.

  • Pool A gets 30 blocks and has to divide them up with all the miners Pool B gets 10 blocks it has to divide among the miners.

    In both pools the block winner get paid about the same but lets say 50%

    Pool A and Pool B must give out the remaining 50%

    Pool A is 10 times larger than pool B

    If this happens everyday then miners in pool B will earn more.

    A large pool with lots of miners has to win 3x more blocks to match pool B (algebra nothing more)

    Before I argue more I find two miners 1 from large pool and one from smaller pool that have same tb